Friday, June 13, 1986

Amalina Aisyah (About Me)

 I am Amalina Aisyah, or Cieri to some and Ecah to many.
A Kelantan-born-Maahad-and-Japan-educated-Half-Mamak-20-something-year-old-girl
I am currently studying in Japan dreaming of becoming a scientist. Or a Cafe Owner. And a happy Homemaker.

I write randomly. Sometimes in Malay Language, some other time in English and when I dont want most of my readers to understand what I am writing about, I will write in Japanese Language.
I had learned Malay Language, English, Japanese Language, German and Arabic formally but I can only speak/write/understand/read the first three.
My grammar in any of these languages are not perfect.
Dont hesitate to correct me. 

I am a normal girl which you always meet here and there.
The only problem with me that is I am a freak.
Plus I tend to be very crazy sometimes.
A trait I got for being a Gemini maybe.
I claim myself as a Geek (Geekette), an Otaku and a Pink Freak. 
 Which is all of these are true. 

I am currently in relationship with my Hubby, Nikon D40X.
Between us, we had 3 kids.
Tamron AF 70-300mm TeleMacro, Nikon AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm and LensBaby original.
My boyfriends are DELL Inspiron 1420 Pink, iPhone 3G and Samsung Omnia.

 I am obsessed with SailorMoon, Hello Kitty`s stuff, StuffToys which seem to invade my room day after day and I am a sucker for romantic comedy cheesy movies.
For example, I can watch 13 going on 30 for 10 times.
or more.
Or Love Actually.
Or 10 things I hate about you.
(you got the image right?)
I have this thing with white mask wearing men. Like the phantom of the opera or V from V for Vendetta.

I am not a model
(doesnt want to be one.Maybe a model insan instead)
or a genius 4 flat scorer 
(insya allah will be in future!)
or a millionaire
(but PLEASE do not email me `cara cara menjana wang dengan mudah`)
I am also not photogenic 
(so you dont have to say stuff like `you ugly bi$%&` etc)
I am not popular or anything
I am me
Just me
and this is MY blog.