Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Husna!

“Oh! happy happy greeting
Omedetou Omedetou
Birthday! Rousoku kesou yo
Kimi to ikiteiru yo
Mainichi Yume ga umareru
Happy Happy Greeting - KinKi Kids-

Happy FIRST Birthday My dearest daughter!
Mama and Touchan love you to the max!

Kisah kelahiran Himawari Husna *Jeng jeng jeng*

16 Sept 2012, Sunday
It was a busy day. My brother in-law got married yesterday and today was his bride’s side reception. So me and my hubby went to the wedding which was held somewhere in Kepong ke Melawati. Ate, had fun and went to another wedding. My senior/husband’s office mate also got married today at Felda Jalan Semarak. We went there and met Salwati sensei who taught me during my first year at PPKTJ. Alang-alang dekat area KLCC, hubby ajak ke KLCC,round-round. So memang round-round la. Malam tu balik ke Shah Alam. I dont remember why we didnt go back to Puchong that night altho it was Sunday night and hubs supposedly working on the next morning. Cuti ganti hari Malaysia? ke sebab dah nak beranak?
Sampai-sampai aja dekat Shah Alam,we fall asleep after Maghrib. I woke up at 10-ish, coughing badly. Suddenly I felt like I peed in my pants but I cant tahan the pee. So I woke my hubby up and asked him to get me a tissue. Wipe down and saw blood. Oh YEAH! Ze blood show! My baby is coming soon! We decided to go to the hospital that night. So lepas salam dengan in-laws, kitaorg pun off to Putrajaya.
Malam tu tak lah ramai sangat orang, so cepat aja dapat cek. I just 1 cm dilated and the contraction wasnt strong enough so nurse asked me to go home and have a good rest. So we went home to Puchong that night and had a good sleep(not so good for me actually)

17 Sept 2012, Monday
Sebenarnya masa ni, rumah kitaorang tak ada proper tilam lagi. We either slept on toto at living room or on air mattress. Nak jadikan cerita, our air mattress bocor malam 17 Sept. Masa tengah-tengah tidur, terasa makin lama makin nipis. haha. But for me it felt so good as the mattress kinda molded into my body curve and it hugged my big tummy. Bangun pagi tu tak terasa sakit sangat lagi tapi start track contractions pakai app. We went to had a very big breakfast, I had laksam for breakfast and nasi kerabu for lunch. Burp alhamdulillah. Hubby went to office while I spent my day golek golek.
Hubs got home and the contraction starts to get regular. Tapi still boleh tahan. Hubs cooked nasi goreng udang but I can only eat a bit. Then I ushered hubs to sleep in case kena pegi hospital malam tu. I tried to sleep but it was so painful. Kat bawah pun sakit, kat atas sofa pun sakit. tapi still tahannn. sampai lah around 1~2am, when the contraction was about 10 mins apart. I kejutkan hubby and we all siap-siap untuk ke hospital.
Sampai-sampai hospital, VE was performed on me and I was 2cm dilated and had to admitted. Malam tu ramai sungguh yang nak beranak. Sampai ada ramai yang datang lepas I kena pergi ke Serdang atau ke Selayang. Tapi I only dapat masuk ward at 8am although sampai hospital at 3am. Sebabnya walaupun my contraction was regular, my baby seemed to be sleeping and she wasnt moving frequently enough. So I was strapped on the CTG for almost 4 hours with 2 bottles of water inserted into my body.
My parents rushed from KB that morning after we informed that I got admitted. Pagi tu rilek lagi boleh gelak-gelak. Bila sakit I clawed my husband. Lunch time,dapat makan yang sedap. Nasi biryani with ayam tandoori. Tapi xsempat abes sebab dah start sakit.
Bila 3pm camtu tetibe rasa sakit sgt2. So doc check dah 4 cm dilated and I should get into the labor room asap. Nak dijadikan cerita, akak depan katil I pun dah 4 cm jugak, tapi she was expected to give birth earlier than I am as dia dah 2nd pregnancy, so I bagilah dia dulu yang masuk labor room.
Doc datang and broke my water and she also inserted ubat untuk bagi all the poop keluar. Terlari-lari jugak la pegi toilet. Setel semua tu, tukar baju, off to labor room. Dekat labor room satu cerita pulak sebab from CTG, my baby seemed not moving frequently. Macam2 dah dorang buat. Sakit tu perghh sakit lah jugak. Meronta-ronta sampai hubby risau. Long story short, doc nak potong saja I sebab baby tak moving sangat. Macam tidur gitu. So kitaorang pun dah xtau nak pujuk baby macam mana lagi,so we gave our consent to csect. Seriously,dah coax baby,dah urut, baby still xnak bangun tidur. Huuuu. So sign lah surat bagai. At that time rasa bengang sangat sebab sakit kan,doc nak explain this and that sampai rasa nak sepak aja doc tu.
Masuk la pulak ke OT. Epidural and what nots. Masa tengah csect tu I macam kat awang-awangan. Borak-borak blur-blur dengan doc. Lepas baby kuar,she cried so loudly and I laughed. Terasa cam perghh kuat nyaaa nangis. I only got to see her after the nurses cleaned her. Nurse bawa cium dan tunjuk genital dia pun dah wangi-wangi. hihi. Pastu nurse bawak baby jumpa my hubby, my parents and hubby’s parents while the doc stitched me up and bawak me to recuperation room. Best kot kat bilik tu sebab panas. Selesa sampai tertidur-tidur. Then I went back to my ward.
Sana jumpa lah balik dengan miss pipi tembam macam pau. Cerita taihen first night dan susahnya lepas csect kita KIV. Dah panjang sangat dah ni.

So Happy birthday Himawari Husna!

Friday, September 13, 2013

On Cloth Diapers

We have been using cloth diapers for Husna since she is around 2 month old. I first got to know about them from Facebook, after a friend actively posted about them.

Now Husna is 90% on CD,10% being on disposable diapers when we are out and I dont really want to lug around soiled nappy or when she is not well.

The thing with CD, apart from they are eco friendly, they also “kinda” wallet friendly but not during the first time as you need to spend quite a lot to start CD-ing. Aside that, we dont have to closely monitor Disposable diapers(DD) price and dont have to endure smelly soiled nappies at home.

I spent around RM300-RM400 to buy all the CD I am using right now. I bought preused as well as new ones. Preused is relatively cheap but sometimes they are not as good as new ones. A few in my collection is already delaminated after a few uses and I cant use it anymore :(

Since starts with CD, we rarely buy DD. Maybe just a pack in 3 months which almost all the time ended up unused as Husna grown out of the size. Banyak simpan aja. Maka nak beli DD pun biasa beli kat expo aja. Murah sikit. Lagipun haritu Huggies gilagila promo so dpt baaaanyak samples free.

Advantages pakai CD?
- of course la jimat duit. tak de rasa cuak “Yayang!!! diapers dah abesss!!!”
- susah kena nappy rash. yup. Husna kena nappy rash sekali aja. tu pun sebab pakai DD dan DD brand sekian sekian tu tak sesuai dengan kulit Husna.
- Comel. Cuba letak DD dan CD sebelah menyebelah. Sure CD lagi menyerlah dan comel.
- no moar smelly kitchen or room esp bila tak buang sampah lebih dari sehari.
- boleh guna untuk next baby!

Disadvantages(actually xde la disadvantages sgt, cuma low point dia aja)
- kena rajin basuh, unless nak se baldi soiled nappy dalam toilet and toilet berbau.
- nak start tu rasa macam mahal la sikit. huhu~

Banyak mana penjimatan ber CD ni? Meh kira kira sikit

Lets say 1 pack besar ada 80 pcs, baby pakai 6 pcs sehari. 1 pack tu plak harga nya RM35
80pcs per pack/6 pcs per day = 13 hari per pack.
1 bulan 30 hari.
30 hari/13hari = 2.3 pack per month (+/- 5 packs every 2 months)

Katakanlah Baby start pakai CD dari umur 2 bulan sampai potty trained at erm… 3 years old = (12-2)+12+12 = 34 bulan.
34 bulan / 2 bulan = 17
17 x 5 = 85 packs
85 packs x RM35 = RM2975.

kalo pakai CD

lets say we need around 30 pcs of CDs.
sekarang CD paling murah di jual at RM17/pcs.
17pcs x 30 pcs = RM510
Kita masukkan lah jugak sedikit calculation untuk DD dan misc stuff in here
RM510 + [11 packs of DD (dgn calculation of 1 pack per 3 month) x RM35 ] RM385+ RM50 (liners etc) = RM945

So kalo compare CD dan DD
CD = RM945
DD = RM2975
dah jimat around RM2030 tu!

For long term baru lah nampak jimat tak jimat. awal2 xnampak sgt. Selain dr tu, CD ni boleh simpan dan pakaikan kat baby lain juge.

I dont know about others but it seem that CD usage suits us and our lifestyle. If you wanna try it , please, lets CD-ing~

Of Breastfeeding

Alhamdulillah, This September will mark one year of my journey breastfeeding Husna. I dont know how to react if anybody ask me if it was easy or hard. I dont want to sound cocky or full of myself but alhamdulillah, so far, I dont feel troubled by breastfeeding even after I start working. I also feel easy and this might be because Husna is a good baby.

Although Husna was delivered through emergency C-sect due to fetal distress,Husna latched on her first time without any problem. The feeling watching a newborn sucking on boobies for the first time was indescribable. It feels weird at first. But everytime I think about it, I feel like falling in love with my baby again and again. Hihi.

I exclusively breastfeed Husna for about 9 months. Me and my husband also didnt bottle trained her during that period and only start to train Husna once I start working. We had a lot of problem for the first few weeks but it was mainly because of Husna’s then babysitter. Now as I start working, I pump at work, using my trusty manual Unimom pump. No money la to buy freestyle. Huhu. I pump around 3-4 times a day and manage to squeeze max 12oz but normally I bring back 8oz. Sikit? It might be but it is enough for Husna as Husna only drinks from 6oz to 8oz per day at nursery. She eats a lot and also drink plain water, so there is no problem alhamdulillah so far.

If I were to give points on breastfeeding, I would say these points.

1- For the first month, please please please, breastfeed exclusively on demand. Store bottles, formula milks, teats etc out of your sight and out of your mind. At first, it might be hard but dont worry as Insya Allah it will be ok with time.
2- Sucking on boobies is a new thing to learn for babies so they might have take some time to master it. Dont give up and keep on encourage baby to breastfeed.
3- Some friends complained that their babies demand milk often and dont sleep well even after several feedings, making they feel like their milk is not nutritious enough and the amount they are producing is not enough. Hurm.. Breastmilk is easily digested and babie’s stomach is small. Hence, babies seem to be hungry all the time and always demanding for milk. To counter this, just breastfeed the baby on demand.
4- For those who think her milk is not nutritious enough for her baby, stop thinking so. Insya Allah, even without consuming so call milk booster and vitamins, your breastmilk is nutritious for you baby.
5- Some complain that her milk supply is so low and she cant produce like… 30 oz milk per day and dont have a freezer full of frozen breastmilk. This kind of thinking is a bit wrong. One have to remember that “demand=Supply”. The more demand, more milk will be produce. So, IF you wants to have enough supply, always breastfeed your babies with max 3 hours per feeding during the day and 4 hours during night is I am not mistaken.Pump on schedule and dont skip it. Power pumping once in a while. Consuming vitamins and so called milk booster and doing nothing will get you nowhere. Drink 2-3L water per day.

You will get nothing by goyang kaki and expect thing to roll down to your foot. No pain no gain la.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Of Chicken Pox

My LO currently down with chicken pox since last week. Full attack jugak la sampai abes muka,kepala,belakang dan dada. To be truth, it scared me to the max seeing her spotted face and seeing how bad the vericelles. Apart of that, I am actually relieved that Husna already gotten chicken pox.

Chronogically, Hubby spotted some blisters on Husna's private part when changing her nappy on Wednesday night. We thought that it was nappy rash altho the blisters were quite big. So we just ignore them.
Friday evening: We went to a session of bowling game with hubby's officemate and around that time more blisters appeared. I feel like "AHA! chicken pox it is!"
So, we called hubby's brother who is a MO and asked for his advice. Basically there is no meds to treat chicken pox and you just need to leave it to heal naturally. We bathe Husna in oatmeal bath, gave her coconut water, keep the area clean and avoid her scratching.

In short, we had to KIV our 2nd anniversary celebration and focused on Husna. Luckily, my sisters are here so they are looking after Husna at the moment.

Semoga Husna cepat cepat baik nanti kita pegi jalan jalan ye!

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Tajuk tak ada kaitan apa-apa dengan isi karangan belog kali ni. Hanya sebagai tajuk.

1- I need to take a better care of myself. Semenjak kahwin dan dapat baby, dia jadi semacam sibuk. Masa banyak spend kat Baby, Suami dan rumah. huahuahua. Not a good thing actually sebab diri sendiri kena jaga juga. Berbanding dengan masa bujang, ada baaaaanyak masa untuk spend kat diri sendiri: sapu losyen la, scrub badan dan muka la, mask rambut dan muka la, mekap mekap la.... Maybe nak kena create dan curi sikit masa untuk jaga diri sendiri. Muka dah start berjerawat sejak sejak jadi Mama ni, excess weight and spare tires are still there.. Nak kena bersenam/berlarilarian balik, pakai facial care regularly balik.. in short JAGA DIRI balik.
Oh, 1 lagi menda yang dah start malas malas nak buat is makan supplements. Dulu kemain, jamu la, vitamin tuk kulit la, ape lagi? So skang nak kena start balik la nampak nya. Tapi nak makan apa ya? Tengok iklan AuraWhite rasa tempted la jugak nak try but should I? or should I just buy L-Gluthatione pills fromn pharmacy. hahaha. Jamu? hurm hurm hurm....

2- Makeup.
Walaupun dah start kerja dan menjadi seorang OL yang berjaya, satu benda yang aku masih lagi fail: MAKEUP. Malas+keadaan kulit yang tak berapa membenarkan. Kulit muka sekarang jadi agak sensitip,so kalau pakai BB cream lama skit mulalah jerawat menjenguk2. Erm,..nak salahkan BB cream tu pun xpatut jugak sebab BB cream tu lama punya,so mungkin dah sampai masa untuk campakkan BB cream tu kedalam tong sampah...
Pasal mekap la jugak, ada budak kat opis tegur aku tak pakai even the slightest makeup to work. Dia bukan nak kutuk, cuma well, aku pun rasa aku macam x bersiap bila ke opis. Selebet dan selekeh. Nanti-nantilah,bila dah okay sikit kulit muka ni baru kita try try bermekap. Baru macam bili org sket kan?

3- How to lose weight wei...! ada 10 kilo lagi nak kena buang. huuu... bukan takat lose weight,kena bagi fit dan masukkan balik segala lemak lemak spare tires y menggelebeh ni.huu

4- Office dramaaaaa urgh!