Saturday, September 26, 2009


tak terlambat lagi (kot) tuk aku ucapkan
kat semua orang.
-a little bit late but forgive me please? I am too busy with exams and anything else-

we were lucky because this year`s raya fall on Silver Week although most of us are busy with exam but having 2 days of weekends+3 days of public holidays was a pure joy.
(btw, kalau ikut wikipedia, the next silver week will be in 2015.pergh!)
Like it was a tradition, I went to Yuge for raya celebration along with other kosen`s (Niihama, Yuge, Tsuyama, Yonago, Akashi, Kochi, Anan and mana lagi?) students. tapi tahun ni tak seramai tahun lepas. But stil, ENJOYABLE.

since we had our silver week, we headed to Yuge a day earlier and had our last buka puasa for this year session together. the menu was Nasi Ayam Ain. SEDAP DUH!
after the buka puasa and relax a little bit, we started gotong royong preparing foods for raya.
The menu for raya was ketupat, lemang, rendang ayam, rendang daging, kuah kacang(to die for sedap sgt sgt sgt sgt!), kari daging, biskut raya, kek( 2 jenis), puding roti and.....lupa dah..
the kuah kacang(Yas masak kan?) sedap ok! macam my mum punye. not too pedas n not too sweet, just nice for ketupat. and of course, I ate till my stomach almost burst out.

pagi raya(start lagu di hari raya please~)
woke up and get ready for solat sunat hari raya.
we all solat ramai2 kat tatami shitsu with Rizal as the imam.
lepas abes, makan time~~~
gobble the foods up~ makan makan makan~
and then~ amik gambar time~


pastu ikut theme color plak~

purple team~

keluarga bahagia Hijau~

Merah menawan~

biru mata hitam ku~


gambar-gambar batch

5th year students

4th year students

3rd year students

during the night, we had BBQ session~~~
munch munch om om om om~

pagi-pagi bangun and makan lagi~
this time was nasi lemak OMG so sedap!
the sambal seriously sedap! fikir aja dah drool...

then wakare no jikan.. balik to Niihama~

:: :: :: :: ::
why this year`s raya is a bit special for me?

(gambar ada banyak lagi with joyce as I smartly left my memory card at my room and berat2 bawak my dlsr)
my sayang, Joyce Chan came and raya with me~~~
we played along with May Ching who came specially for the event from Kyoto for 3 days and 2 nights~
we masak together, borak2, played at the playground nearby, took loads of photos, main2 kat pantai, cucuk kurage
Joyce, MC,thanks for coming~

to all, esp to the organizer, THANK YOU A LOT!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


apasal kat jepun tak ada slurpee?
7-E ada, tapi slurpee (macam)tak ada.
camano tu?

slurpee and I.
cheewah bajet a la karangan `saya dan kotak pensel saya` kot~

aku suka slurpee.
bukan tahap suka-owh-no-I-cant-live-without-it.
tapi suka as in S-U-K-A la.
sebab slurpee ngan minuman berkarbonated yang biasa dijumpai di kedai-kedai tu LAIN dengan slurpee.
bayangkan lah saat ko panas-panas(malaysia panas duh! esp KB.terkejut giler time aku balik ritu)
ko pegi 7-E
pusing-pusing tombol slurpee dan bayar.
masuk keter dan minum....
PERGHHHHH mashyuk!
macam eskem tapi bukan eskem.
macam air tapi bukan air.
macam esblended tapi berkarbonated.
I secretly hate esblended that usually sold in pasar malam.sebab usually, it is too pahit or too bland. seriously cant compared to starbuck`s or kalau kat niihama ni, Seattle`s. tapi these are not carbonated esblanded and I have a thing with carbonated drinks which I affectionatedly called them as `my drugs`

nota kaki;
a few of slurpee cool facts
To get that uniquely Slurpee consistency, each Slurpee machine has a compact refrigeration system that mixed syrup, carbon dioxide and water under pressure in a freezing chamber.
All Slurpee drinks are carbonated and served at -3°C. (Or 28°F)
Everyday more than 11.6 million Slurpee drinks are being consumed around the world!
The amount of Slurpee drinks sold each year is enough to fill up 12 Olympic-size swimming pools.
The scientific name for Brain Freeze is Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia.

facts taken from slurpee101
spheno-pa-la-tine gang-lio-neu-ral-gia terbelitlidahhueh.

btw, for me, slurpee holds a piece of my many many memories as a child.
dulu, when I was a child, 7-E only can be found in lembah Klang.
so memang aku yang lahir, membesar kat KB tak ada chance la nak rasa slurpee.
but yet, I did.
sebab my mum came from Port Klang so we went back to nenek`s place at least once a year.
kadang-kadang bila balik sana, especially masa dalam kereta, abah akan belikan kitaorang slurpee untuk kitaorang share ramai-ramai.
(masa tu macam mahal la slurpee nak bagi sorang satu)
aku still ingat lagi(I-have-semi-photographic-memory,lalala~), abah selalu belikan kitaorg slurpee kat Klang. dekat ngan juction nak pegi Meru tu, ada 1 7-E. so before start journey balik KB, abah will stop there and bought a few glasses of it.
serious happy,serious shiawase.
after a few years(I was in my secondary school), 7-E start berkembang to other state,but tak masuk KB lagi.
during this time, abah biasanya berenti kat 7-E kat Raub. yang dekat masjid raub.
biasanya for some ice,tapi of course kena ada slurpee tuk anak-anak die yang tersayang.
I never bought slurpee by my own until 7-E gets into KB. so, slurpee ni macam a special treat from my dad to us which we looked forward for it.
(I got this idea of writting this masa kat mesia lagi,lps beli slurpee.ha ha ha)
skang dah besar, duduk overseas lagi, nak minum menda lagi mahal dari slurpee pun mampu,tapi yappari, slurpee yang abah belikan tu jugak yang paling sedap. tak boleh lawan.
(I wonder if any of my siblings remembers this)

here I am reminiscing the good old stories in my final exam`s morning( crap, I still need to study!) because I saw an advertorial in my blog about a contest from slurpee called slurpee-licious moment
I wish I could enter the contest with a pic of me and my dad happily slurping our slurpee.
(we never bought big gulp btw)
so,guys~ join lah contest ni.
senang aja, amik gambar, post it up, and sebar sebarkan supaya your kawans dapat vote your pic.
kalau menang dapat rm6000 okeh?
duit raya babe! duit raya~!
so hop over to the website and start entering now now now NOW!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009



Monday, September 21, 2009

Amalina Aisyah`s top 3 anime...

Category; comedy romantikus-mampus.
Cara pemilihan; berjaya membuatkan Cik Amalina Aisyah yang agak keras hati mengalirkan ayaq mata nya secara sepontan.

jeng je jeng~~~
*drum rolls*

TEMPAT PERTAMA jatuh kepada~~~

Plot Summary: Risa Koizumi, taller than the average girl, and Atsushi Ootani, shorter than the average guy - their constant bickering and comical love-hate relationship is well-known throughout the school. They act similarly and love the same music, and their friendship is full of laughing, shouting at each other, and of course, lots of jokes about one another's height. But when Risa notices her feelings for Ootani growing, she's worried. She doesn't know if he can ever see her as more than a friend. With her friends rooting for her, she struggles to make him see how she feels about him, and that a romantic relationship between a tall girl and a short guy can work. Oblivious Ootani doesn't make things easy for her, but she stubbornly perseveres in her own unconventional way, determined for her feelings to get through to him, and finally be returned. If only she could do it without driving herself and everyone else crazy in the process...

Sebab best!(alasan yang paling xblh di terima)
Oklah, frankly speaking, that something that we try to deny, that we dont want to
happen, cant happen. expect the unexpected although the unexpected is the least thing we want to happen. sometimes, we just need to follow our heart and never give up.
TEMPAT KEDUA telah dimenangi oleh~~~

Plot Summary:
Despite Ryūji Takasu's gentle personality, his eyes make him look like an intimidating delinquent so he is utterly hopeless about his chances of getting a girlfriend anytime soon, and does not have many close friends either. After being greeted by his hungover mother in the morning, Ryūji goes to school and is happy to find that he gets to be in the same class as his best friend Yūsaku Kitamura and crush Minori Kushieda. However, it is then that he unexpectedly knocks into "the school's most dangerous animal of the highest risk level" — Taiga Aisaka — who just happens to also be in his class, and is a good friend of Minori.
Despite Ryuji Takasu's gentle personality, his eyes make him look like an intimidating delinquent. Class rearrangements on his second high school year put him together with his best friend, Yusaku Kitamura, and his hidden crush, Minori Kushieda. Along with these two comes Kushieda's best friend, Taiga Aisaka. Her delicate appearance contrasts with her brutal personality. Secretly in love with Kitamura, Taiga agrees to help Ryuji with his love interest as long as he helps her get closer to hers.
It’s a new school year and Ryuuji Takasu discovers not only is he in the same class as his best friend, Yusaku Kitamura, but also Minori Kukshieda whom he's had an undisclosed crush on for quite some time. Along with Kitamura and Minori is Minori's best friend, the “Palmtop Tiger”, tiny Taiga Aisaka whom, despite her small stature, takes nothing from nobody. (When unflattering pictures of her in a bathing suit were circulated, “Of course, I made it rain blood in the photography club.”) Taiga is secretly in love with Kitamura and she and Ryuuji, despite an oil and water relationship, agree to mutually support each other in their quests for their heart’s desire.

sometimes, the person you were destined to be with was the one you never expected before.
and if you have any problem in life, rather than running from it, why wont you try to face it.
AND! dont judge a book by its cover.

Plot Summary: In the romantic comedy story, a high school girl named Kotoko finally tells a fellow senior named Naoki that she has loved him from afar since she saw him on their first day of high school. However, Naoki, a haughty "super-ikemen" (handsome male) with smarts and sports talent, rejects her offhand. Fate intervenes when a mild earthquake ruins Kotoko's family house. While the house gets rebuilt, Kotoko and her dad stay at the home of her dad's childhood friend...whose son is Naoki.


Plot Summary: Kippei Katakura is a high school playboy who would flirt with any girl he sees. His life was turn upside down when one day, his 5-year old cousin Yuzuyu shows up at his house after her mother had seemingly abandoned her. And now, Kippei has been handed the task of taking care of Yuzuyu for the time being, and he must learn how to become the "mother" that Yuzuyu needs.

Itazura na kiss; citer ni lawak.

Aishiteruze baby; dalam life ni, ada menda yang lagi penting dari perasaan kita <-( kippei pilih yuzuyu over kokoro.) benda baru yang tak pernah kita cuba, kita takkan tahu samada kita dapat buat atau tidak (kippei pada asalnya dipaksa menjaga yuzuyu, but towards the end, die xleh tidak jaga yuzuyu) sekian~~~ selamat menuntun~~~~

Friday, September 18, 2009

the HOTTEST HOTTEST hot chicks in Niihama

the hot chicks in pool and waiting their turn

to be cooked.

-junior aku yang posekan ayam-ayam sadia tu macam ni.

bila semangat membara...

...maka siap lah berbagai-bagai jenis kek dan kuih.
tak der la banyak sangat, kek sebijik, kapkek 11 bijik from leftover batter kek, puding roti, cheese cake dari leftover cream cheese topping..

kek yang suam suam kuku kaki dari oven. yang kat tengah2 tu bukan rekahan yek. itu aku cucuk ngan pisau sebab mahu check samada kek dah masak atau belum. tak jumpa lidi/pencungkil gigi punya pasal la ni.
tapi tak apa~
sebab daku ingin mendecorate nya dengan cream cheese.
first time buat cream cheese okeh!
selamba aja alter resepi sesuka ati.
xkisah r~ jadi je pun~

jang ja ja jang~~~~~
rupa kek aku yang half decorated. cream cheese topping saja rasa bosan aja so aku tambah la cherries tu~
agak messy kan?
to be truth, this is not my first time decorating cake. I did once for raya when I was in Maahad. but! that time, I messed up the royal icing,making it too sweet altho it looked nice. kesian bebudak yang eager nak makan sebab nampak colorful tapi when they have A BITE of it, they actually SPAT it out.
last-last ayam jugak yang makan kek tu....huhu...

and the final look for my cake~~~~
jeng je jeng~~~~~

aku susun satu-satu okeh choco chip tu. mahu bagi naik sikit kaler dia.
iyep, messy! spatula yang ada kat dapur dah agak rosak, so, this is the best I can do.

from the cake`s batter leftover, I made some cupcake~~~~wai~wai~

tak cukup cherry so letak choco chip

usha dekat sikit~
wai~comel~ wai~~~

gambar kek keju dan puding roti tak pulak aku ambil. malas dan letih. dok ketang ketung kat dapur tu dekat 4 jam straight tadi.

boleh kira ni kek raya la kot.
harap-harap jangan ada sapa-sapa sentuh kek tu before raya.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

hinsh hinsh hinsh!

bukan reksaksa goltron(ada ke reksakse nama ni?karang I cek balik with my nerd osarusan yek) mengamuk yek.

I want to go shopping...
uhuk uhuk

I need new pairs of jeans as my jeans dah koyak <-kesiannye~ and I didnt bought any pairs of it since erm....last year *gasp* I need a pair of straight boyfriend cut jeans and a *ahaks* pair of skinny jeans. lalalala~ dan nak jugak gladiator sandals yang aku dok salivating since last year. (ceh, bunyi macam dah lama xshopping. lama xshopping kasut yang lawa-lawa la) and a few pairs of nice pumps and heels. heels yang aku ada menyakitkan kaki. kena beli platform pumps as they are way much comfortable than a normal one. nampak aja tebal tapi sangat best I tell you~

platform heels macam ni lah idaman hati.nampak aja tinggi tapi x tinggi pun.SERIOUS!

contoh-contoh gladiator sandals

TAPI! (a big tapi there) money problem. I can go out and spend my moolah as I do have some cash with me. but, thinking that I have to save some large amount of money for paying uni`s bill which will flying come to me next february, now I can jamu my eyes only.
in the internet. no outing.
sebab kalau outing, ternampak sales, mesti akan terbeli jugak.
paling koman, lingerie sepasang.
so baik aku dok diam-diam kat bilik, kemas bilik dan baca buku.
dah nak exam seh!!!!

dok diam-diam kat bilik/hostel/kosen jangan beli baju/kasut/lingerie/novel/manga/coklat.
simpan duit.
simpan duit.
dan study.
baca buku.
sampai gilos.

tahan sikit je cik Ina oi!
karang dah setel uni sume-sume tu, dah dapat claim ngan pakcik JaaPA, kita pegi beli handbag/dompet mahal mahu?
coach ka LV ka.

attention!! coach ni menjadi idaman hati except yang bawah kiri tu. yang merah tu sangat lah lawa kan? tulun belikan ini untuk hadiah harijadi aku tahun depan. okeh! thanks~

6 bulan aja.
tahan sikit je napsu nak berboros tu.
ingat-ingat la masa depan.

Monday, September 7, 2009


kadang kadang aku rasa privasi aku diceroboh terutamanya di FB.
(oh please dont ask me FB stands for what.)
ada orang yang add aku kat FB sebab nak promote business dia.
thats a very good way.
but I find it very annoying when an unknown person, not only add you but tagged you to several uncompletely unrelated to myself.
I was tagged to a piece of shawl somebody tries to sell to me for a few time.
it is annoying as I dont have any intention to buy shawl for the time being, and also, I am not a piece of shawl.
serabut aja kat wall aku.
sama jugak ngan orang yang sukati aja add aku.
I do delete some people that I found annoying and completely knew nothing bout me.
FB in my opinion is different from FS and other social network system.
so kalau takat nak hi hi bye bye, aku cadangkan pegi kat FS ke MS aja la.
ni aku tak start pasal quiz y berlambak tu.
annoying siot!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

on being different

hampir semua orang mau jadi lain dari orang lain.
dalam kata lain, jadi special. tak mahu jadi klise.
tak mahu jadi seperti orang lain.
tapi salah kah menjadi diri sendiri walaupun diri sendiri sangat klise?
aku pernah cuba untuk jadi lain dari lain.
try to be different.
but somehow, I dont feel like myself doing all of that.
kalau semua orang jadi different, what is normal then?
aku suka pakai DSLR, but that doesnt mean that I am a gadis urban.
aku suka pakai shawl, just because it is easier to me to handle.
I do wear color contact lens because I like them.
orang nak tiru, tiru la.
tapi aku tak semestinya tukar apa `aku` hanya kerna kata-kata orang kan?
aku tak kisah jadi klise, kerna itu aku.
biar orang kata aku predictable atau bosan atau apa sekali pun.
mungkin pada mulanya it is hard to accept all the harsh words
but in the end, who cares.
orang yang mengatakan semua itu, hanya sedap mulut sukati cakap aja pun.

-aku pun tatau aku membebel apa malam2 buta ni-

banyak yang aku kena updates kan.
being back home to malaysia.
being back to japan.
on meeting people.
concerning me.

insya allah I will take some time and update.
nights babes~
I have to burn some midnight oil. siapa suruh main tak buat kerja~