Sunday, January 31, 2010


Bare your love this Valentine’s Day, female students urged

SHAH ALAM: Female students in higher-learning institutes here are being persuaded not to wear panties on Valentine’s Day as an expression of true love for their boyfriends.
The “no-panties promotion”, being held for the first time, has apparently been gaining interest among the students, who are passing the news by word-of-mouth.
Two students in their 20s from Shah Alam, known only as Ummi and Melissa, said they were aware of the “promotion.”
“I feel it is personal,” said Ummi with a smile.
“Valentine’s Day is a good time to express one’s love. And, what we use or don’t use is our right, our freedom. But we will do what is right. It’s a new world now.”
Melissa claimed that there was already a large group who planned to go ahead with it.
“We will know how many by Valentine’s evening.”
State Islamic Affairs Department (Jais) director Datuk Mohammed Khusrin Munawi said:
“We will not allow Muslim students to be taken in by such celebrations that deviate from the teachings of Islam.”


Suggestions from me for whose going to follow this No-Panties promotion~ Yayness to Female Right!o(^ヮ^)o *excited mode ON!*

  1. Wear skirts (mini are encouraged, and the flowwy2 kind.ala resort) or tight slack.
  2. No boyfie jeans, jeans skirts but white jeans or skinny jeans are allowed.
  3. Wear Baju Kurung or Kebaya instead.
  4. Instead of not wearing panties, why don`t we start a new Promotion of ourselves. No-Bra promotion. or No-Bra-and-Panties promotion. Sure heboh!
  5. For whom who are going to follow num. 3, you are encouraged to wear tight clothing. Baby Ts with mini skirt, Baby T with flowwy2 skirt, blouse with tight slacks.
  6. Do not use anykind of nipple cover or pantyliners.
  7. Attention grabbers, follow this promotion when you are having your period.
  8. Applicable to girls who are not married yet.
What to expect?
More babies to be thrown away by the end of the year.
More girls in Pusat Pemulihan Akhlak.
More abortions.

`I feel it is STUPID` said Amalina Aisyah with a (sarcastic) Smile.

Friday, January 29, 2010


To be frank....
Aku kerinduan!
Maahad Muhammadi Lilbanat Jalan Merbau Kota Bharu.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


This is My Love.
One from my many many graphs for my Final Year Project.
I really heart my project.
(and I am not trying to be sarcastic here)
Each line equals to 1~3 times of experiments.
(ada data xleh pakai tu yang graf kontot2 tu)
A little bit more and I will going to say byebye to the routine.
The routine consist of making solutions, swearing off when the alcohol spill, or when we use etanol instead of acetone.
or when the temperature keep changing or the time when the graph didnt turn the way we wanted or waiting for the solution to settle.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Wishlist 2010
(as in 26/1/2010)

-Waffle/sandwich maker
-Complete set of Kimi ni Todoke and Bokura ga Ita.
-New external hard disk. at least 1TB
-Window 7
-Lesen Jepun
-Mouse tuk laptop
-Nissan March(dah gila bayang dah)
-Blythe(?) Xmo,menakutkan dan xmo bahagikan kaseh sayang.
(-someone special) -KIV. for the time being.
-Tiket return balik mesia
-.........(tatau nak apa dah)

ada org tanya tadi, `someone special`?
Someone special.
someone who actually care about me.
The someone who I can talk to when I had a bad day, or when I am happy, or when I am sad.
And so do him.
Orang yang xsemestinya ada sebelah/dekat aku all the time.
And xkisah about it.
Orang yang xkisah aku bising bebel2 menda tah pape.
mengarut tah pape xkira masa.
Someone who I want to care about and want to care about me.
That someone who will and going to treat me well.
Who are going to miss me when I am not around.
Who cant wait to meet me.
But not all people will do.
Frankly speaking,
I cant wait for Summer 2010.
Balik raya seh!
Hopefully. Insya Allah

Maa... I am now a firm believer in `what will be will be`

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I suddenly develop a sickness that I will refer as `Ineedacatlitis`
I want a cat.
I need a cat.
I want want want want a cat!

A Scottish fold to be specific.
(demm mahal okeh kucing ni. Abes sebulan scholar aku gamaknye)

Scottish fold

Why did I suddenly want a cat?
jeng je jeng~
I just under stress.
I want something to cuddle up with.
I know I know, I got like, 20 stuffed toys scattered around my small room, but they *sigh* are not alive. Yes, they are cuddly enough but somehow, they cant fulfill my need.
*Shout* I want a cat!!!

I want this toya faced guy which one of my adiks called as `carpet cat`
I will named him as Carpet. and we will love each other till the end of our life. We will be seen together forever.
bla bla bla
(Adik want to pijak2 this cat if I bought it. No way Adik. Pijak my cat and I will pijak your Gundam to pieces *gelak ebil*)
But then, I need to think how to get a cat in Japan, how to bring it back, rumah, etc etc, so maybe I will just wait until I graduate.
(wait, after that maybe I wont need a cat anymore. pulak dah)
As I getting more and more stressed up, I tend to be more and more out of my mind.
and I can sense a lot more of `gilo` coming up~

*NOTE= Adik ; My lil brother, 17 years old. Although he has 3 lil sisters and a lil brother after him, his nickname is Adik (lil bro). Even our 10-year-old-lil brother and 8-year-old lil sister call him Adik. or Abe Adik.
You will be our Adik forever ever la~
*gelak guling2*

Tuesday, January 12, 2010



13/1-  Presentation YuukiKinouKagaku. DONE
14/1-  Presentation YuukiKougyouKagaku.
16/1- RyouMatch. team 5nen menang 1st place lagi wooo~~!! Medetop!!
18/1- Presentation ShokuhinKagaku.→ TUNDA ke 25hb sbb si Kondo-Kun Lupa Bawak USB! *Mode Bunuh Orang*
19/1- Dentist. Caboooooooooooot gigi. DONE!!!!! The dentist was nice and now I have to bear with the pain and huge cheek. And 6 stitches. YES! 6/roku/enam/six/六 STITCHES!
20/1- Dentist to nyahbakteria(?) the stitches DONE
25/1- Dentist to take off the stitches
26/1- InterDepartmentMatch
21/1- AntarTitleSotsuRon UNDONE (Actually, WE messed this up!)

28/1- SummarySotsuKenShimeKiri A4 1 helai.→95% done
30/1- SokoJiKara
4/2- SotsuRonNoShimeKiri. →45% done
11/2- HappyouSotsuKen.
14/2- Global Party.
Tengah Februari- MendaMendaUni.
18/2-26/2- FinalExamssss(IMP!)
Plus Usual Amount Of Assignments and Lab

Sapa-sapa ada energy berlebihan, pinjamkanlah aku sedikit.
(Jangan bagi lebih-lebih, nanti aku gemuk)
Sapa-sapa mahu pinjam stress, aku ada lebih.
(Tinggalkan sikit untuk aku tau!)
Tabahlah diri! Sikit aja lagi! Dua Bulan SAJA LAGI!

Aku mungkin OverEmo, OverStress, MudahTerasa, MudahNaikMarah, MacamHampehSikit, OverBlur, AgakKacau, HomeSick, Snappy, KY(空気読めない), テンシォン高すぎる, 低すぎる、泣き虫, ManjaOverload, DLL sikit sepanjang 2 bulan mendatang ni (darab dengan PMS 2 kali), harap-harap paham la sikit.
Maafkan aku ne kalau aku tak dapat layan sapa-sapa? Atau kalau aku terbuat perkara-perkara diatas
Tolong jangan buat aku IraIra, Marah, Tension, SakitHati tapi tolong buat aku Senyum, Happy, Bahagia, Relax etc.
Because I DO BITE!


I can`t be honest with the most important person in my life;
My Own Self.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Totally ranting as usual.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Maybe I should start to take/think everything a little more seriously than usual...

Owh, don't worry, I am okay. I just realized that I am turning 24 years old this year and I feel like I haven't achieve anything big. yet.I haven't even finish my diploma.
(I will,in 2 months time but,still!)


Dang! Where did all the years went?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


"everybody is everybody's puzzle pieces"

by Awi
5th January 2010

P/S : I am still searching for my pieces.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


(From now on,  I will try to use NUMBERS as my blog title. Boring~)

First post in the new decade and this post is my 205th post.

Well, I am not really a new-year-resolution(s)-maker-person, despite the normal I-want-to-lose-weight-I-want-to-look-fab-or-I-want-to-save-money-bla-bla-bla resolutions, I have something that i want to achieve in 2010 and beyond.

I just want to