Tuesday, May 31, 2011

merepek kerepek

Sebab ni entry merepek kerepek,so aku letak Jump break yek.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

seteres dan bizi

jeng jeng je jeng~ bape lama tah tak membebel kat sini. well,mari kita recap apa yang dah jadi antara last entry sehingga kini....
My last entry was at 18th February 2011..whoa...aku tak  membelog for 2 months+.thats a record to date.
Lets say, I was kinda busy with my real life(and twittering is much easier). I went to Tokyo for a short gateway, sat for my finals, went through a shitty first few weeks of my spring break and then the enjoyable weeks came. I also got through lab selections and got into a protein engineering lab; playing with proteins everyday (crazy stuff but the lab is enjoyable)

Golden weeks also came and went. with me down with fever and cold for most of the holiday(and I am still) but still managed to do some crazy stuffs like went to Oita for football competition playing as a nurse to my team, sleeping mostly in the car and in Round-1. and also,me and mira`s spontaneous decision to go to Osaka just to shop. ehehe~

I also managed to get some stuff sorted and bought like super duper lots of stuffs. 4 pair of shoes, The Body Shops` body butters and shower gels, jersey, skirts and palazzo pants, perfumes and many more. about 40k yen of damage was done to my wallet.

But there are still many things I have to think and decide. Like what am I going to do once I am done with me degree. I am thinking of continuing my studies in either Japan or Malaysia. But there  is still a big BUT floating around. Working is another option to consider but I still cant picture myself waking up early to beat the traffic jam and working 9-5 like everyone else. I want something different than other. At least different to my childhood friends. They are all finished with their degree, working (mostly) in government section, and then getting married, have kids... everyone seems to follow this circulation which I want it to be a little bit different.
Of course I do want to get married(at last!) but that isnt the main thing I am thinking about now. I want something more in my life. Something different and something I want to do it for a lifetime. I do have several plans in my mind but all of these wont work when I am not financial stable. So in the end, I think I have to jump into to the same bandwagon like everyone else and plan later....

so for the time being,I am busy with that thing and with my lab. Thesis to be read, experiments to be conducted, and of course, life to be lived to.

So Far,It Is So Good.