Saturday, February 28, 2009

esok lusa masuk bulan 3

ke mana hilangnya passion itu?

mencari passion yang makin hilang dari dalam diri ini.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

hari ini hujan.

Am I not thankful enough with what I am now and with what I have now?

are hard to keep up with it.

why should I take the University Entry exams?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

last lab

hari ni,tadi around kul 1.30 petang, habislah series lab untuk year 4~
dulu masa kat sekolah nak sangat buat lab banyak-banyak.
now, buat lab tu sampai muntah.
sampai melompat-lompat kalau tak de lab.
alhamdulillah.tadi selamat habis lab untuk tahun 4.
insya Allah semua ok.
doakan saya ya!

finals menjelang.starting this very friday. till march 2nd.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Berchenta dengan Encik Photoshop

First (and second) time trying my hands (and stylus) at photomanipulation.

Photo; Rehan
Model; me
Editing; me (using Photoshop CS2)

Photo; Farah
Model; Me
The editings; me

and yep.I am loving my life.

klik untuk paparan lebih besar.
or visit deviantart saya atau photoblog saya for some more~

Saturday, February 14, 2009

tengah pulun.

hari ni hari untuk 合成化学

Friday, February 13, 2009

Furious and scared..

Jangan cari saya!

I dont even think you more than a stranger.
You are just a stranger.
Never more but will be lesser and lesser.

Jangan cari saya!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

saya suka Chuck Bass

*tajuk tak ada kaitan langsung*

I forgot,when was the last time I went bed with a grumbling stomach.
or how it feel.
Maybe when I am stil in Maahad.Maybe during one of the annual Qiamullail or during camps.
-no,I am not trying to starve myself in order to loose some weight.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

sebelum pegi buat omelet with spinach and black pepper

Rereading emails in my sent folder.
I sounded retarded.
All off to the trash.
And the one in my Friendster`s inbox too.

Lega hati.Lapang jiwa.


Jom bercinta,Sayang.
Jom bercanda,Rindu.
Mari Saya akan ke pangkuan kamu.
Face to face.
Menghadap kamu.
insya Allah.
Kali ini
Saya tak akan lari
atau mengelak lagi.

I will not neither run away nor hide this time
Insya Allah.

My dear Inorganic, Applied Math sayang, Applied Chemical cinta, darling Probability and Statistic, Physical Chem rindu , Analytical Chem busyuk masyam, my love Applied Physic, kekasih ku Chemical Engineering, Mi Amor Synthetic Chem, beloved Technical English and lost words already kanda German. =P

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The girl

I saw a girl who trys hard in almost everything...
tried too hard...
that everything she wants just slip away past her fingers...
and she was left there...


dah kimeru sotsuken.
nak 生物系 tapi dapat 物理化学系..
is this a sign?
internship pun buat 物理化学系.sotsuken pun dapat yang sama.should I pursue in this field?

apa-apa lah..

Monday, February 2, 2009

again and again...

once again,I want to be invisible..
once again,I said something that hurt me instead..


same old things keep coming back to me..


am I self-destructing myself?
or is this just PMS?

think positive..I am just thinking too much..

Sunday, February 1, 2009

the boycott tag

the boycott tag~
here's what we should do. it's simple: list down 5 of the products from the list below that you are boycotting, and then list down 5 of the products that you will try your best to boycott, and finally list another 5 of the products that you find it hard to boycott, and tag 5 others. this tag is to get everyone to read the list below carefully and identify which products affects your life and the lives of the Palestinians most! You can also compare your list with your friends and see: if they can boycott one product that you haven't been boycotting, why can't you start to boycott the product too?

5 of the products i am boycotting:
-McD (slagi kat jepun slagi tu la insya allah safe)
-Nestle (nescafe ku dah abes...tapi ada kopi brand jepun)
-Coca cola (am trying my best!)

-kit kit (kit kat jpn byk jenis.....tpi dah lama ilang minat makan kit kat)

-KOTEX (brand jepun byk~)

5 of the products that i will try my best to boycott:

-Coca cola...(pepsi x sekeras coke..... >.<)



-Maybelline (maskara dah nak abes...loose powder pun... >.<)

5 of the products i find hard to boycott:

-Coke..(ni `dadah` aku...tapi as long as aku under no soda diet...insya allah xbeli/minum)

-20th century fox (eh..benjamin button under warner bros la...)



another 5 persons i tag:
-Tiq kohai~
-Anak Manjoi~
-Syazalina syg~
-mimie cayam~