Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Why I loathe SUMMER

1) Freakingly HUMID! kat sini, humidity kadang2 up sampai 90%. That is like being in a sauna room. Or some room without proper air ventilation when its 40 degree outside.

2) Kelas kat sini yang tak reti2 nak pasang aircond.

Or kipas angin at least. Serious, they do not have fan in class. Electric Fan. We have to fan ourself or else we either die in humidity, or feel asleep or....

They will turn on the aircond when it is July. and when the temperature is 29degree (to some places its 30 degree. Differs) At my Uni, starting this year,they only set the aircond temperature to 28degree only. xleh adjust. arghhhh!

3) No angin when you are outside. Kalau bukak tingkap pun time kelas, biasanya, tiada pergerakan angin keluar atau masuk. No. Nil. Nada.

4) Panas will lead to constant need of Soda. Or cold drinks. Or Icecreams. Will lead to kekurangan fund dalam dompet.

5) Bila sendiri bayar bil, you tend to be kedekut. Aircond ada kat bilik, tapi so far, tengah tahan diri dan bersabar with kipas senior sedekah kan. And with Ice creams. And with unlimited supply of water. I am drowning around 4 liters of water these days.

6) Bangun tido dengan peluh 1 badan. Enough said.

7) Have to wear thin clothes. Like baju kurung. or Tee. but I have no Tees!! (alasan nak g shopping)

8) Panas+humid= makeup tak stay! pakai makeup, even simple makeup like foundation wont stay more than 5 mins. lagi2 kalau orang macam aku yang nek beskal pegi kelas (owh, Uni is just 5 mins away). Sampai kelas, 1 muka berpeluh2. There goes my not only foundation, but also my sunscreen.

9) Sebab panas sangat, malas nak gerak. So akan lepak kat umah aja. Will lead to constant consumption of Ice cream. and twittering. and sleeping. and will again lead to weight gain. ARGHHHH

10) It is easy to get sunburn here. Seriously. My hand is darker and so do my face if I dont wear enough sun protection. And I just lost my cap! adehh.....

Ada lagi ke?

My hamster pun lately macam xselesa. (One reason is, I keep teasing her. who can resist her sleeping face or her sleepy-I-Just-woke-up face or her nomming face....) Dia panas. I kena beli cooling pad for her la maksud nya ni.....uhuk2.

Monday, June 28, 2010


2 weeks ago, i`d turned 24 years young.
(and I refused to blog anything about it because 24 seems like old.old as in O-L-D,like you are supposed to have a proper life, proper job and matured enough when I have nothing!)

The birthday was a low keyed one compared to last year`s.

But as memorable as it has to be.

I did nothing on my birthday. Had no cake, candles or someone singing me Happy Birthday.
(but had my cake a few days later,so okay la! my first cake since studying in japan summore! And I did get someone to played me a happy birthday song by a violin. Lagi special kan?)

I even had a row with him on my birthday night.

(But I had a great day before my birthday)

This year, I celebrated my birthday with someone special by my side, with friends and filled with laughters.
And pressies (mostly from my family and him)
And loads of FB msges.
And few on my hp.
And no one called.
Never mind.

I am 24 years young now. A young woman. Although I still dont know what I want to do later in my life, I have new aim to be achieved. Something big,hard and full with commitment. Something that will change my life forever. but we never know what life has for us in the future,so I just can pray for the best. For Him knew the best for me.

Except the fact that I am fatter and chubbier and rounder, I love who I am now.
(Okay Okay,I still need to improve a lot,but we will be there sometime okay?)
I still have my childishness, and my silliness too. My clumsiness hasnt 100% goes away yet, my tongue had gotten sharper and I am building my own Shoppe with my own. With help from great friends and family of course.

When I was a kid, I never imagined that I would be when I am 24 and I am still cant imagine what I am going to be when I am older. Even who I am going to be when I am 25 or 30. I will be someone, and I am hoping that someone I am going to be, is a great person and has a great personality. And yet, she knows her roots.

As for my birthday, I had gotten myself something to care, to love and to share. She is my bundle of joy and love. I love her to bits to the extend that sometimes,I feel like biting her into half.

Please meet Miko (MikoChin), my cheeky daughter.


Thanks Ibu and Abah for being the best and the greatest Parents for me, for believing in me, for letting me to pursue what I dream, for praying for me, for doakan me everytime

Thanks adik2 for letting me;kakak yang agak gilo~

Thanks member2 fer being my friends in need, teman shopping perabis duit,teman makan and.....(sila isi sendiri wee~)

Thanks Allah for letting me alive, healthy, kicking, eating for another day, week, month and year.
Thank you Allah for your endless nikmat and rahmat although I dont deserve them all.

Thanks badan sendiri for staying healthy and `behave`

Thank you for my supporters.Especially who help me with my Shoppe.
Who believed in my crazy project.

Thanks to everyone

And I love you all.
With all my heart.


Thanks Lysa, Thanks Budak2 Ooishi~


(Tutup muka kaver malu buat kenyataan terbuka macam ni. *blush blush blush*)
Thanks Dear for accepting me who is full with inner and outer flaws.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I had been thinking a lot.
What should I do.
What do I want to do.
What kind of life do I want to pur sue.
It is all like a big jumbled pieces of jigsaw puzzle.
I am taking the risk. Now I have to think on what I want it to be.

Its all about choices baby.
Different choice will takes me to different path of life.
Do I really want to risk everything I have?
Am I really want to sacrifice what I want and what I had been doing for something else..?
Matikan impian citacita sendiri demi menda lain yang nampak macam penting
am I selfish if I choose my dream instead?

Walaupun aku tak sure apa yang aku nak buat.Tak sure lagi.
Yeah,of course,I can do anything I want.


Balik cepat please.
I need your opinion on this thing.
After all,it might be something to do with you.

After all it takes two to tango.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Dah sebelas haribulan enam tahun duaribu sepuluh!!!!!

Oh no oh no oh no oh no OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!

*peluh nervous*

What to do what to say what to wear what to talk how to behave?????

And I have like 20 hours to prepare myself.



*tick tock tick tock*

What if what if what if WHAT IF?

He doesnt like me?


*peluh nervous lagi*

Cuak dowh. Serious.

Cuak. Takut. Nervous. Excited. Tak Sabar.

(Nak jumpa dia depan mata)

Macam macam campur aduk gaul gaul jadi macam ABC.

Have a safe flight Dear.

dah la Ecah.
G buat keje ko yang melambak lambak macam everest tu.
kang ada orang tak tido malam ni.

(since bile aku start bahasakan diri aku `Ecah` instead of Amalina/cIeri?)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Sapa yang rasa entry ni terlalu jiwang dan sebelum anda muntah di atas papan kekunci anda, saya menasihati anda supaya klik pada butang X di sebelah kanan browser anda (bagi pengguna Windows) dan butang bulat merah bagi pengguna Mac. Sekian. Kerjasama anda sangatlah saya hargai.



To second third handsome guy in the world who is now sleeping peacefully in black Tee...
(Sorry la yek as you wont get the most handsome guy yet. So far My Abah and my Ayoh -fraternal grandfather - are still the most and the second handsome guys in the world respectively. Huhu)

(OK, you look very handsome la today. Time tengah tido pun handsome with your rambut terpacak pacak macam ada letak wax)

Dearest You
Selamat Satu Haribulan.

Like what you had said to me a few days ago `Kita baru # bulan. Insya Allah kita ada banyak bulan lagi`

Insya Allah.
And may we have a lot more months together.
Our journey has just begin.
With a lot more to come.

Thank you for supporting me.
And keep being one of my backbones, will you?
Thank you for making me happy so far.
And can you keep making me feel like I am the most beautiful and lucky girl in this world?
Thank you for cherishing me.
And keep on cherishing me, will you?
Thank you for loving me.
And keep loving me, please?

(As I,love you too)