Sunday, January 24, 2010


I suddenly develop a sickness that I will refer as `Ineedacatlitis`
I want a cat.
I need a cat.
I want want want want a cat!

A Scottish fold to be specific.
(demm mahal okeh kucing ni. Abes sebulan scholar aku gamaknye)

Scottish fold

Why did I suddenly want a cat?
jeng je jeng~
I just under stress.
I want something to cuddle up with.
I know I know, I got like, 20 stuffed toys scattered around my small room, but they *sigh* are not alive. Yes, they are cuddly enough but somehow, they cant fulfill my need.
*Shout* I want a cat!!!

I want this toya faced guy which one of my adiks called as `carpet cat`
I will named him as Carpet. and we will love each other till the end of our life. We will be seen together forever.
bla bla bla
(Adik want to pijak2 this cat if I bought it. No way Adik. Pijak my cat and I will pijak your Gundam to pieces *gelak ebil*)
But then, I need to think how to get a cat in Japan, how to bring it back, rumah, etc etc, so maybe I will just wait until I graduate.
(wait, after that maybe I wont need a cat anymore. pulak dah)
As I getting more and more stressed up, I tend to be more and more out of my mind.
and I can sense a lot more of `gilo` coming up~

*NOTE= Adik ; My lil brother, 17 years old. Although he has 3 lil sisters and a lil brother after him, his nickname is Adik (lil bro). Even our 10-year-old-lil brother and 8-year-old lil sister call him Adik. or Abe Adik.
You will be our Adik forever ever la~
*gelak guling2*


morriss said...

haisshhhh.. tetiba rasa i pun nak ada kucing gak... hahaa

Cieri said...

@morriss- haha. serious best ada least ada gak tempat nak bermanja time2 sedey2 sorang2.atau time homesick tapi too ego nak mengaku.

MissNico said...


Cieri said...

@ani- carpet as adik panggil.sbb adik kata nampak mcam karpet tuk pijak2 aja kucing tu. haha

HuMbLesLaVe said...

haha...nice,but ak not interested dg miow..ak prefer kure2x..hehe