Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Life so far

It had been a while since I post anything here. haha. Ada sesiapa rindu tak?

My life basically changed from what it is a few months ago. I`d been in emotional and physical roller coaster, been confused, feeling helpless and feeling down most of them.

To cut everything short here the summary;

(Me in convocation hall. Nope, the jubah isnt a norm in Japan)
1) alhamdulillah, I finally graduated. Well, I cant say I graduated with the best result I dreamed but somehow, with my condition during my last few months before graduating, it was the best I can do.
(My thesis)
Alhamdulillah, I managed to keep my promises to my dad when I told him I want to get married during my final semester which was to be able to graduate without extending. Hubby came for my graduation and we had a good time together. We went for a short holiday at Osaka/Kobe, I cooked his fave Gyoza and we had sushi a few times(And I vomited all the sushi out once, after I got home)
(My certificates. Bachelor in engineering now)

(Yup, hubby came for my graduation ceremony Thanks sayang!)
(Gyoza for hubby)
We also went up a ferris wheel for the first time together and I was practically screaming when I was on it because I became gayat. Hubby had a good laugh. Not funny dear..
(The Ferris Wheel at Kobe Port)

2) I am home to Malaysia. This was unplanned. I decided to come home instead of pursuing my masters a few weeks before I actually board the plane. It was an emotional decision for me coz I want to be in Japan a lil bit longer and I want to study a lil bit more.but what to do,this is what Allah planned for me.
(My stuffs are already in Malaysia <3)
3) 5 days before my convocation, I had my first bottle of water down into my vein. This was the proof that I was that unwell during my last 3 months in Japan. I lost around 3kg in 2 weeks, I cant eat or drink, I just want to lie down and sleep all the time. But of course, I cant because I had a thesis to write and a presentation to give. I kinda pushed myself to my limit, and once I called my husband on my way back from lab crying because I was so hungry but I dont have any appetite to eat. And there was several time where I had to knock and asked for food from my friends because I cant cook. But alhamdulillah, I am okay now, except I still dont really eat these days. haha. Plus, it was the first time hubby saw it and the look on his face was simply memorable and it made me mushy from inside.
(Boring boring boring!)

4) Packing 5 years worth of stuffs and junks was tiring! Until now, I still regretting for throwing some of my stuffs instead of posting them to Malaysia. T.T
(My stuffs and another 2 friends`)

5) We(Hubby and I) had made a big decision and well, this might take a toll in our life for a while, but we think this is the right time to do so. Life (and money) maybe harder for the time being but we will try to overcome everything insya allah.
(Insya Allah)
6) Apart from the hectic and the struggle kemasing my stuffs and everything legal before coming back for good, I had a good time with my Kohais and my friends. I miss them a lot now. like RINDU GILEEEEEEER! We went shopping in YoumeTown, had nasi biryami and went to Round1 in Takamatsu(where I kinda pitam and spent my time sleeping instead of playing non stop), Strawberry picking, Makan2 at YoumeTown and many more.
(Kepala Ikan yang sedap! The day I had this was the first day I actually had 3 meals in a day after weeks feeling bad)

(Ikan keli masak sambal!)

I also had a few friends coming to my home. My lovely Nisa came with her kohai and we had a good time together. Her kohai cooked me a very delicious ikan keli masak sambal (THANKS!)
(Our last purikura together. Round1 Takamatsu)

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