Monday, May 17, 2010


I dont know how should I describe myself.
I am not cool.
For sure.

I am not gedik, and will not describe myself as such.
I am not cute and of course I am not breathtaking drop dead gorgeous.
I am not lemah lembut either.
I am messy and clumsy.
And also too harsh sometimes.
No, not sometimes,but always.
I love to cook and I can sew
but that wont make me the perfect woman.
I have worst sense of fashion.
I sometimes wear my pajama to class.
My face are not smooth baby like
but rather kawah bulan like.
I am fat
and I know I will never get to lose those flabby thighs and arms and jiggly spare tyres.
I am lazy
and I know I shouldnt be lazying around
like what I am doing right now.
and i dont know if I have friend(s) or not
I am just me,
with nothing special
just normal girl.
just human.
but FYI,
being me doesnt give you permission to trash me
or to make fun of me.
I am living my life
shaping my life
the way I want
not the way you want.
oh please.

-emo ke entry ni? just releasing some thoughts. no,I am not sad at all.I am happy right now-

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