Sunday, August 1, 2010


Kenapa saya suka Tsuyoshi Domoto?
Kenapa saya suka Tsuyoshi Domoto?

Kami mula bertemu di rancangan Shonen kindaichi no jikenbo. Aku gilakan Manga Kindaichi. So bila tau NTV7 ada tayangkan drama Kindaichi, aku sanggup berjaga malam sebab nak tatap muka Kindaichi.
First impression? OMG This guy really played the role very well. He IS Kindaichi Hajime without doubt. Like Kindaichi Hajime was created for him.
From there, I became obsessed on finding who is this guy. I web searched infos on the drama and from there, I get to know the mystery guy`s name. And I also found out that he is in a duo called KinKi Kids.

Cut the story short, I bought their album (D Album) Listen to it for like, 10 times a day. Painfully read the lyrics and tried to sing along (which I failed with flying colors. Singing and Amalina Aisyah doesnt come along FYI. Basically I croak than sing)

And from the mysterious guy, Tsuyoshi Domoto became one of my reasons for me to come studying in Japan.

Sadly enough, I havent got time (and money of course) to go to his concert yet. Damn! Time is ticking tick tock and I havent meet him face-to-face wawawawa T.T

Why do I like him more than the other Domoto (which,for most of people out there,the much better looking Domoto)

1- He is himself.
2- He sings beautifully. His voice is so nice that by just listen to it, I fall in love it him more and more everytime
3- He takes beautiful picture. Seriously.
4- His personality is just perfect. 
5- The way he is,spells N-I-C-E and OMG-I-L-O-V-E-T-H-I-S-G-U-Y!!! He is sooooo yasashii so nice to others, the way he speaks is much better and nicer than the other Domoto.

etc etc etc

In short,
I love Tsuyoshi Domoto


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HumanityLife said...

suke btol kamoo ngan dia yek! kekeke.. :p