Sunday, November 14, 2010


currently, I am strangled by my own hair.
I have been spending the last half hour trying to get this big blog of tangled hair into its silky smooth matter again.
I am this close of getting a hair cut and chop off my long locks into a bob. or have them permed into nice wavy curls (but in other hand,NO! as my hair is prone to tangle)
No-no to cut them off to. This is because, I am easily get charged and it means, I am prone to electric static. Especially in dry weather is the winter. 
IF I cut my hair into a bob,the charges will make my head looks like a mushroom. Big fat mushroom. I will look like one everytime after showers and waking up from sleep.

it seems that I have to bear with these tangles. gonna get them off my head.buhbye~

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