Friday, December 3, 2010


I used to be a nerd back in my Maahad days.

A nerd who brought not only her KBSM text books but also her reference books to school everyday.

I opted to read the books or my notes during bus trips to and fro school with exception of mangas. I always had manga with me. Not those remaja mags or Cleo as I hate remaja and I haven't meet Cleo yet. Always manga and English novels and school books.

I was diligent in school works and can easily spend my time at school.

I aimed for the highest for the best and never wanted to be the second best.

I never talk back or gossip about teachers coz I believed that if I do so, the ilmu I get is without blessings.

I faithfully do my works went to any school programs and events. I never thought of skipping classes.

I would skip lunch to do extra rounds of Koop duty or just because I had works to be done or I want to sleep

I never complain of the heaviness of school works or the amount of notes I have to rewrite into my notebooks or how bored some class is.

The only thing I did was to break uniform rules.

Apart from that, where did the nerd went?

I eat a lot. Skipping any meals is unthinkable.
I sometimes talk about my lecturers.
I sigh and whine and try to get away from my school works and assignments.
I want to go home as early as I can.
I neither aiming for the best nor second best, I just want to get this done as fast as I can.
I hate my assignments. And I hate reading my textbooks.
I whine and whine and whine.

I whine aboutt my assignments I whine coz I have full class everyday I whine coz I have to get up early I whine n whine n whine! This isn't me. I hate who I am right now. Selfish Aisyah bimbo Aisyah. No! That isn't me. I'm Amalina. Where did the nerd Amalina went???

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