Thursday, December 30, 2010


Summary of 2010 (Blog)

I`d written 104 (105 including this entry) entries.
The most entries was written in March with 19 entries in total.
The least entries was written in September with 2 entries in total.
My blog now has 62 followers and 16258 hits since I dont know when. But not since I started the blog.

1- Started fresh with `something` between me and a friend resolved.
2- Started my own blog shoppe Gemini*Shoppe
3- All I want is to be happy.
4- Super busy.
5- Suddenly want a pet. A cat to be exact
7- Was thinking about making a very big decision about something that I thought going to break my heart into pieces.
8- Struggling with my Thesis
9- Missing my High School
10- Was mad about this Valentine promotion

1- Wrote about taking risk. The same stuff like the one I wrote in January. And yes, I am glad I took the risk.
2- Paid for my uni`s fee. A whopping MYR11K/290000yen
3- Hati berbunga bunga. kat sini pun

1- Well,This entry summed up what I am feeling. #^-^#
2- Wrote about my classmates in Niihama Kosen in this entry.
3- Fell in love with Hachimitsu and Clover.
4- Busy Busy BUSY. With a lot of stuff.
5- Agak jiwang. muahahaha.
6- And I know, he is important to me.
8- Ke Kansai International Airport again and again. This time was to send my parents and 2 youngest brother and sister back. They came to Japan for my Graduation. ^O^
9- Bulan ni banyak betul kes buang baby. X.X
10- Getting ready tuk pindah dari Niihama ke Tokushima.
11- Sensitive Issue. At least, to me.
12- Internetless for the longest of time >.<
13- Struggling in new place.

1- Start living alone and as an undergrade. At last!
2- Never thought that I am going to be this busy!
3- LDR.
4- Banyak kalut and serabut bulan ni. sebab tak terbiasa lagi dengan life baru. Here and here and here
5- Finally bought this poster that I had dreamed since I was in Niihama.
6- Golden Week and aku rasa ada poltergeist la kat rumah ni.

1- Went to Bisan during midnight. Freakingly cold! Well actually,had a fight with him and he made me cry.
2- Confused about `friendship`
3- Starting thinking about The big M. Wrote about it here,and here
4- Emo.

1- Nervous!!!
2- Turned 24 years old. This time with someone special by my side and with lots of people celebrating my birthday. And I got my Mikochin on my dad`s birthday~
3- Dah start panas melekit2

1- EMO (lagiiii!)
2- Dan lagi.
3- Lagi....
4- Summary on living alone.
5- Exams!!!!= EMO!!!

1- Wrote about my long time crush, Domoto Tsuyoshi.
2- Trying 30 days challenge of myself which I quited at day 16. Talking about unconsistent....

1- relatively TIRED.
2- And emo. again. despise what actually happened in real life.

1- Wrote about the guy I mentioned in January.
2- Latest pic + Autumn in Tokushima
3- Starting to hate AIRPORTS. And how dull is Autumn in here compared in Kosen.

1- I am officially FAT.
2- Feeling insecurity. What? I am a normal human with feeling la.
3- Migraine attack.

1- I am not a nerd anymore!!! *cry*
2- Wordless Wednesday~~~ Here and here~
3- I want a IPAD!!! And how good cytoplasm-me looks in iPad...

conclusion- Banyak entry emo! urgh.... That shows that, I am not 100% happy yet. Need to work more on that side of mine.

To be continued on the next part.

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