Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 06 - A photo of yourself and write 30 interesting facts about yourself.

1- I love Sailormoon so much that I bought a full set of the manga although I already have one at home.
2- I love pesto and I can eat it everyday. Apart from making some pasta from it, I also spread it thinly on my bread. (toast the bread>thin butter>pesto>drizzle with olive oil=YUM!)
3- I love cooking that I am gaining weight so much. 
4- I have a pet hamster
5- I have this box I labelled it with `kotak botol air saya` which can hold 6 500ml PET bottles.
6- I drink water from the box and aiming 1 box per day
7- I am trying to lose some weight.
8- I love Haagen Dazs`s Macadamia Nut, Honey Milk and Carameled Walnuts
9- If you take me to BR31, I would probably choose Love Potion and some pumpkin flavor one
10- I love meat. Gimme beef steaks, burgers(extra cheese please!) anytime!
11- and I love fries too. thin,fat,with salt,with cheese, anything!
12- yes, I love potatoes. baked with slab of butter, fries, in curries, hashbrown...
13- I suck in making cakes.
14- I survived tarts and cupcakes though.
15- and Choux Pastry too ^^
16- I love watching anime and reading manga.
17- but I hate it when people push me to do so. I will when I feel like to do so
18- I want to be an engineer. 
19- who opens a small eatery. Fusion and bento shop maybe?
20- I have a big Penguin soft toy which I bought at Nagoya. during a school trip and lecturers laughed at me
21- I love being outside as much as inside.
22- I love snowboarding!
23- I miss taking pictures
24- I need to start working out and take the slabs of fats away from my body
25- I love Hello Kitty and KoRirakkuma
27- I feel uncomfortable when people asking me when i am going to tie the knot.
28- That is why I keep all the thing secret
29- I love A&W Root Beers!
30- and F&N Ginger Beer!

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