Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pavlova Pavlova~

I dont know where should I classify Pavlova. Is it a cake or is it under general desserts category?
Either one, I love making Pavlova in contrast that I can't make any cake. My cake always either be too hard, or inedible.

Pavlovas are quite easy to make but it's cerewet.

here is some of Pavlovas I had made from the first time I tried my hands on.

The first Pavlova I made. 
One layered with unattractive strawberries.

Third Pavlova. 
Made a 2 layered with cut up strawberries and some strawberries puree.

Fourth Pavlova. The latest one.
made this one as Lysa`s birthday cake.
Three layered with some chocolate shavings. I used 2 types of creams(plain whipped cream and mascaporne cream) as well.
The Pavlova is a little bit senget coz I made it too ahead and I drove my car too ganas. 

As I am typing this, I have another mini Pavlova baking in my oven. I still need to perfect my Pavlova as my pavlovas were not too crispy. haih... wish me luck ne~

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Tapak Kaki said...

tak da kat malaysia menda ni..kan?