Friday, June 17, 2011

mirror mirror on the wall,who is the fairest of all

I have been taking supplements, carefully taking care of myself,trying to eat healthily but yet, yesterday, when I skyp-ed with a friend,she told me that I looked sickly and pale than usual although I had my foundation on that time. Isn`t this bad?

Supplements and skincares by my bed for easy access
1- Body Lotion, 2-hair serum, 3-multivits, 4-Herbal supplement, 5-night cream, 6-chocola BB pure for skin and fatigue, 7-chapstick, 8-eyecream ,9-foot cream

I agreed that I am kinda tired when I started my FYP. Long hours in lab, standing while doing experiments with a few classes in between, gotten sick twice in 2 months (a record!) so I decided to take some multivits and the chocola BB to help me. Yup,somehow after taking BB,I feel much energize in the morning but I guess something is lacking coz people keeps mentioning to me how tired I look nowadays. And I hate to take pictures lately because I look like a shit with panda eyes and dull skin. #HALP!

My daily beauty regime involved of
1-taking my multivits every morning with a glass of water.
2-1 capsule of herbal supplement twice a day.
3-1 pill of Chocola BB twice a day.
4-Double cleansing (first with some cleansing oil then followed up with foaming facial wash)
5-Toner > day cream(Olay Total Effect) > Sunscreen (SPF50) for day, Toner > Night cream (Isoflavon apemendatah) for night

For weekly regime I
1- scrub my whole body
2-facial mask (clay or sheet depending on my mood)
3-Foot scrub

Twice or trice a week I would,
1-lotion my body
2-slather foot cream
3-put some eye cream (too lazy to do it everyday huhu)
4-drink freshly squeezed grapefruit juice or lemon juice
5-have yogurt. plain with some fruits

I also try to drink a lot of water and try to avoid sodas but it is very hard to do T.T I also eat a lot of fresh veges and fruits. 

I have been following these regimes for the last 2 or 3 months but if people keep telling me that my skin is dull than glowing, that means there is something lacking in my regime. What should I do???
I am not trying to be as white as I can but I want my skin to glow naturally and healthily without looking pale and sickly. 

Maybe I should opt for air jampi and mandi bunga starting from now?

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Tapak Kaki said...

Chocola BB tu bunyi macam makanan je.. takan makanan buat sapau kat badan kan.hehe