Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dream and Choices

My dreams can be closely linked to how I feeling that moment and what I am thinking, so they were usually bizarre and weird. Sometimes it feels real and like something that will happened in my life.

As the day is closely nearing me, I keep having weird dreams. But none affected me except for one particular dream I saw sometime in last week.

It was about the choice I had made. About me, someone dear to me. Lets call him B

I dreamed of B suddenly come to me and asking why I didnt wait for him but instead choose someone else. B, in my dream were quite different from whom I knew all of these years but his playful attitude didnt change. I kinda startled with the Q and I dont know how to answer him. He then kept appearing here and there, amused me with every trivia facts that he knows about me, trying to charm me back. Seriously I were dumbstruck, not knowing what to do or what to say. And I, in my dream started to doubt my choice; why did I choose someone I merely know instead of someone who knows almost everything about me, why didnt I waited for him, why and why and why.

I was woken up feeling very confused and all I wanted was to curl down and to cry. But obviously, I cant. I had loads of stuff to be done that day so I carried my day away, feeling confused and I kept thinking why did I made the choice until at noon, after I ran my errands and was on my way back to home, something struck my mind;

I didnt choose someone who is perfect and knows everything about me. I dont need someone who is now working my dream job and making fortunes. Nope, I dont need them all. I just need someone, whom I know is not perfect at all but he is and he will try to be the best for me. He who is willing to learn everything about me and wants to share every single thing, from a small piece of his fave cookies to his biggest secret just with me. He who loves me and wants to love me more everyday. He whom I love now.

When I realized the facts, all the confusion went away. Just like that. In a breeze.

Guy, lets make our own way together, and lets build our life together. ne? Love you!

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