Monday, August 29, 2011

short and quick

It is 29th Ramadhan and 29th August today and my mum is chasing me out of my old/bachelorette room into my brand new room. It is kinda emotional for me to part with my old room as the room hold quite a lot of memories. 

My old room was situated on the second floor of the new wing. I choose the paint myself, kinda liked blue that time so my room and the adjoined bathroom/toilet were painted in blue. so do with the balcony. My mum only bought me a new wardrobe, a sliding door wardrobe big enough for me to stuff my things. I got into the room when I was 18 years old and it was the year I sat for my SPM.

I did almost all my studies inside the room. Sticking a newspaper cut of the new intake of AAJ on the wall beside my study table and promising myself to study hard. I scattered my mangas, my clothes and made the room mine. I studied, recited my studies loudly sometimes until 3 am, and got into PPKTJ. Since there, I left the room and only got back for once a month or sometimes once in three months. but the room is still mine. and still mine after I fly to Japan.

But as today, I am moving out the room into a newer room just below my old room. My old room will never be mine and it will be my sisters'. A new room, a new life, a new beginning. In many ways. 

Here I am, writing a piece of mind about the room, and saraba my old room. we shall meet again. 

By the way, to all my muslim readers, Happy Eid-Ul-Fitr. Have a blessed one and please, dont overspend. Think before you buy anything. Do you need that 10 kinds of cookies or another pairs of shoes to match the 11th pair of baju raya? Think

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