Thursday, September 29, 2011

Akad Nikah Review

- Hantaran
I made almost all my hantaran by myself with help from my creative cousin, kak Ja. I never knew that making hantaran is quite easy. I specifically told everyone that I dont want any fresh flowers for my hantaran as it is very hard to make sure that the flowers stay fresh all the time. I just stated that I want simple but elegant hantaran. 

I bought the yellow roses and maroon roses from Nona-something and my mum bought the brown bakul from Nilai. My Uncle made the sirih junjung an hour before the akad and it was so beautiful!  
For akad, I gave my beau 5 things; Couple rings which acts as our wedding rings, 3 different kinds of manisan and kuihs, and sirih junjung. 

- Foods

My mum asked her friends to cook up beautiful nasi minyak and everything with some from the foods we made ourselves

- Baju/Tudung/Veil/

For my akad`s baju, my mum tempah it dekat Shah Alam. Sebab kain yang I nak tu, kat area rumah I xd orang yang brani nak buat,. I freakingly love my baju. my kain flows beautifully. 

as for kasut, I bought mine from Outlet in Kyushu when I went there for a soccer match. I got them at 1980yen which was a steal coz the kasut matched my baju perfectly.

I bought my tudung from Tursab and had kedai near Pulau Melaka to iron the bling blings on it. 
From the first time I saw mantilla veil, I knew I wanted to wear it for my wedding. But I cant find any that I like so I sew my veil myself. I bought 2m lace from Kamdar (sale! RM19.90 per meter) and cut it into the shape I thought will be the most beautiful. Then I salvaged all the lace and sew it around the veil. but unfortunately, the lace wasnt enough so I went to Kamdar again and bought another 1.5m of the same material. I also sew some pearl like beads along my veil and beaded it with brown beads. 

- Handbouquet

I had 2 handbouquets. One from the bridal, and the other one, I tempah from Cik Tipah. I wanted a pink flowers with she managed to make them as beautifully as I wanted. 
Some people asked me why didnt I ask for  fresh flowers? Like what I write before, fresh flowers are not only hard to maintain but also very expensive. They also dont last very well.

- Dais

Its pink again. hahaha. I didnt mean it but well..hehehe. We had it done from a bridal center near our house. It was called Eifa Bridal or something.

- Makeup

For nikah, I had my 2 pupu to make me up. hehe. she did my makeup for my tunang too.


Captain Jet said...

aku pun suke gile baju ko wey!! baju and veil xde close up ke wey! tp ur baju mmg lawa.. aku nk wat lebih kurang camni la. hehe. kat s.alam tang mane tu? blh tempah kat situ gak hahaha

Cieri said...

thanks~~~ ^^
kain baju ni mak aku beli kt jakel shah alam. kat mana dia temph nanti aku tanya hubby aku yek. aku suka kain baju nikah aku. sbb mcm flowy2 gitu~
gambar ek~ nanti aku carik kalau ada. tapi basically,just a normal modern kurung aja~~
veil plak mantilla veil~ xd close up tapi ada byk pics of its. mostly gambar flow dia la~
veil aku dah ada member aku berkenan nak pinjam tuk nikah dia nanti^

saltvinegar said...

Nice! I love your veil! Can't believe you sew it yourself!