Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Deary Hubby

Happy 27th Birthday! 27 seems like a big number, but I know, deep inside yourself, there is a small 10 years old kid.

But I love all sides of you.

I am sorry, that I can`t be by your side to celebrate your first birthday as a husband. We can` help it, my job at a full-time student needs me to be away from you. Don`t worry, as this isn`t permanent insya Allah.

Thank you, Mak and Abah for having you as their son. I love your son very much.

Thank you, Ibu and Abah, for accepting you and for letting me to choose you as my husband.

Thank you Allah, for giving me chances to meet you and to be your lawful bride.

(First date ever)

Frankly speaking, YOU are the best risk I had ever taken. Of course I have my own doubts and insecurities when we first met, but there was something that made me took the risk, and it was the best risk I had ever took up to date.

(the only pics of us when we got engaged)

I am glad you picked me not some other girls *roll eyes* to be by your side, to be your companion, to be your bride and to be your future kids` mother.

For me, it is the biggest honor a guy can give to a girl.

(Ring exchanging ceremony)

I have my own flaws. Please accept me the way I am, guide me when needed, be my friend, my lover, my partner and I hope I am your missing rib.
I will try to accept all your sides, and I am eager to get to know all your hidden sides as well.

(KB Reception)

I hope, we can be playful, goofy and act nerdy till we old, wrinkled and toothless. I am sure our kids will be ashamed of us, but that what we are, aren`t we? Insya Allah..

(Playing with Timba for kak Tul)

Dear Love, I can`t wait to be back to your side. It have been a week since I flew back to Japan, but the suffering is more than what I expected. Although we do skype, and email here and there, just like when we were in our courting phase, but those won`t be enough as I feel and I know that I am best by your side.

I want to cook for you, help you getting ready for work, send you off to work everyday, be by your side while you watch MU games/play games/read manga/drawing.

I want be by your side; be the one you see every morning, and the last you see before you doze off to slumberland.

I am sorry as I didnt manage to get your present ready on time. Insya Allah, it will be. Besides, you gave me mine a lil bit late right? ;P

(Outdoor Photoshoot, Shah Alam)

We gonna have fights, and disagreements in the future although we try our best not to, and I hope, that won`t fade my love towards you.

We might have difficulties and hardships, and I think that will be spices in our love story.

By the way, Happy First Wedding Month-versary. May Allah gives us lots more months together in the future. May Allah also bless us with good, and obedient kids in the future.

May Allah give us prosperous blessed life.

From your geeky and nerdy wife
Amalina "Cieri" `Aisyah

*Pictures credited to;
1)R'zlley TheShoots- Gambar Tunang
2)10Bucks- Akad Nikah dan KB Reception
3) hafizudinhamdan- Outdoor Shah Alam

Others are from our own collection


cicayanki said...

hello cieri,

congratulations again :)

FAFA said...

hey it was gayung..not timba..hahahhaha