Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Of breastfeeding(BF) and formula milk(FM)

2 (TWO!) posts in a day! Wow! havent done this for the longest time. Well, I might be busy on my GoogleTalk but as MundaneMonday has struck me, I need to channel it somewhere. So,here I am, writing and rambling.
Why not on Fb or twitter?
1- I am super kedekut so I dont subscribe data plan for my handphone.
2- Both are blocked at my office.

SUBSCRIBE DATA PLAN?? *shriek* yes my dear lovelies, altho my husband did asked me to change from prepaid to postpaid, but I dont feel like I need to do so.

Okay, whateverrrr
Back to our title; of BF vs FM. A very sensitive topic in my opinion. But somehow I feel that I need to write my opinion on this.

I am currently breastfeeding my LO. LO is now 11 months old already and I am planning to continue breastfeeding her until she is 2 years old the minimum. But whether I can or not, it is up to what Allah has planned for me.

Eh wait, I am not planning to write about my journey. I was about to write my opinion on a FB post that caught my eyes a few days ago.

There was a post that circulate around FB. The post was written by a lady, to express her gratitude to her husband whose 100% supportive when it came to breastfeeding. She wrote that her husband bought her the best breastpump available, gave her presents, helped her with house chores etc. Lucky her to be blessed with such husband.
I have nothing with what she got or wrote. The only thing in my mind is how her post affected some breastfeeding mamas in my circle.
Some friends reposted/shared the post and tagged their husband and wrote "I hope you can be as supportive as this"
"bahagianya kalau dapat suami mcm ni"
etc etc.
I dont know how will husbands react to comment like that, but 1 husband I saw, commented that he will try his best and he dont want his wife to expect that much from him.

From my view, I think that my friend's husband felt his wife is expecting for him to be as wonderful and supportive the the husband in the FB post. Sapa tak nak suami supportive mcm tu kan. tapi in my humble opinion, bajet bajet la. Tak semua org mampun nak support mcm tu, dan setiap suami ada cara dia sendiri.

My husband is wonderful and supportive that sometimes I feel I am not doing my best. He tends LO every morning and night, plays with LO,changes her diapers, packs her nursery bag and sometimes he even washes LO's CD. We might cant afford to buy the best breastpump available in market, but he is very supportive toward breastfeeding.

I think that one should try not to post something that can make others jealous with what s/he have or posting that can make one feels superior than others. macam "tgk aku ni, laki aku bg t his and that. laki korang apa ada?" Maybe the lady just wants to share with good intention. wallahualam.

aku pun harap aku tak di hasut setan dan terbit perasaan ujub,riak dan sebagainya. marilah kita sama2 berwaspada...!

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