Sunday, September 21, 2008


-applied physic
-technical english(open book.english pun open book tu!)
-German(Ich liebe das Deutsch~!)
-応用化学演習(nak translate ape eh?)
-biological physical chem(生物物理化学)
-Inorganic chem
-chemical engineering
-organic chem a.k.a synthesis chem
-special math?(数学特別演習)
-applied math C
1/10(lalalalala~hari raya lalalalala~~~)
-physical chem

wish wish wish me luck please please please!!!!!
pray for me pray for me pray for meeeeeeeeeeee

owh yeah....
I`d got permission from school/hostel to take shower in the morning~~~yippie~~~~muax muax muax~~~~~~
(yep.lame.I know.but I need to take shower as my skin condition worsen.nanti fuyu nnt xleh la aku nak g onsen ramai2....malu la skin xlawa....
BTW!I had lost 2kg~~~~*jump around* I need to lose summore altho I am loving the way my body now.Last week,I put on a one piece that I used to hate-coz I looked preggy in it- and I love it instantly!teamed that dress with my newly bought ABC belt......lalalalalala~

exam duh exam!
ja ne~!

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