Monday, March 9, 2009

I hate flats...!

I own like 2 pairs of flats.
a pair in pink and another pair in black.
I feel being tortured when wearing them.
a lot more tiring than wearing heels.
but,I stil wear them.
when I feel like to.
heels and stiletoes are stil the best.
and also wedges.
they are comfortable and light.
next,i want a good pair of running shoes.
my Nike Pegasus (the one I am using as my gym shoes) is a bit uncomfortable anymore for running.

but,I stil hate flats.
maybe I havent found a comfy flats kot.

btw,today is the last day of my 4th year.
esok kena pindah bilik and I x kemas paper lagi.lalalala~~
jom nyanyi 3月9日.
and tak lama lagi white today is the last day,my classmate ada yang bagi kek.
and am I going to get a reply for the cake I gave out last month?

macam tak dapat aja tahun ni..huhu.


Akimura said...

I have to read until the end of the post to realize that flat is a type of shoes.

There are guys who like flats though.

In japan we called them lolicon.


syaza said...

i heart flats ok..
eventho i prefer high heels better..tapi apakan daya...
daku tidak sesuai dengan 'mereka' yang mempunyai tumit...
live goes on

Cieri said...

thats you rite?lol

no offence~
flats y aku suke croc aja kot.
ko pkai flats pun ko dah tinggi pe~