Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What I REALLY want to do...?

Had a talk with my Physic lecturer a day after the holiday started.
He advised me a lot.
More on my studies and myself.
but,one of his questions made me speechless.
`What do you REALLy want to do? Do you want to to Chemical for the rest of you life?`
I was speechless.
and I still am.
Do I really want to be an engineer.
Do I really want to work with beaker and test tubes?
Do I really want to spend half of my life surrounding with Chemicals?
I really don't know.
If I say that I don't want to work after graduating....
ramai yang akan tuduh saya membazir degree (insya ALLAH) dah diploma saya yang mahal.
Tapi saya betul-betul tak tahu apa yang saya ingin buat.
for the rest of my life.
One of my biggest dreams ; jadi surirumah sepenuh masa.
tapi saya nak juga rasa pengalaman bekerja.
dan saya nak sesuatu yang tidak membosankan.
(I am a geminian.mudah merasa bosan dengan sesuatu)
sesuatu yang tidak memerlukan saya membuat sesuatu kerja yang sama.
(talk about irony, Final Project saya memerlukan saya menjalankan satu ujikaji yang sama selama urm...hampir 1 tahun. Agak membosankan dan memenatkan. Being in a small room and doing the same experiment. Ulang dan Ulang dan Ulang. Satu sesi ujikaji memakan masa selama 6jam. urgh.)
No, don't talk to me about terjun into photography (ambil professional course ke ape ke). I am not talented. for me, ART(esp photography)=HOBBY. and seriously, I am not talented. and I still love being with beaker and test tubes more than being with cameras.

maybe, I just work harder and we will see what kind of things ALLAH had prepared for me.
maybe I am going to be a surirumah... or a lecturer... or a researcher... or a cafe owner... or a freelancer photographer... or a pekerja kilang...?
or something else that I can't even think of doing it now...?
We will see.....

Insya Allah =)

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