Monday, September 7, 2009


kadang kadang aku rasa privasi aku diceroboh terutamanya di FB.
(oh please dont ask me FB stands for what.)
ada orang yang add aku kat FB sebab nak promote business dia.
thats a very good way.
but I find it very annoying when an unknown person, not only add you but tagged you to several uncompletely unrelated to myself.
I was tagged to a piece of shawl somebody tries to sell to me for a few time.
it is annoying as I dont have any intention to buy shawl for the time being, and also, I am not a piece of shawl.
serabut aja kat wall aku.
sama jugak ngan orang yang sukati aja add aku.
I do delete some people that I found annoying and completely knew nothing bout me.
FB in my opinion is different from FS and other social network system.
so kalau takat nak hi hi bye bye, aku cadangkan pegi kat FS ke MS aja la.
ni aku tak start pasal quiz y berlambak tu.
annoying siot!


calvin said...

That is why I do not simply approve random people unless I know them personally. People might think I'm arrogant for doing this, but I just wanna make sure my FB acc doesn't turn like my FS.

If I don't know them, I will send a message first, to know who is that person :)

zatul said...

Agree with Calvin. I only approved peeps that I know, that I went to school with that also know me mutually.

Yeah I hate all the quizzes, all the requests, all the stupid games. Now FS is also turning into FB. I like FB as they're globally known as a social networking but I hope they can raise the bar a bit so that it becomes more formal and less crowded with ridiculous kiddy stuffs..

Cieri said...

kadang2, when I send them msges, them balas balik saying I am sombong and such.
ada org actually did replied me with ayat `is it wrong for me to be your friend?`
xkan aku nak jawab `wrong`?
aku memang xsuka kalau org saje2 add aku ngaku kawan but dont care about me.
time nak kirim paper from here atau time nak mengoorat sapa2 y aku kenal,tergedik2
pastu xreti nak carik masa seswai tuk kacau.

yep, FB becoming more and more like FS.
sgt x best

zatul said...

Senang je nak solve. Click "Ignore". x yah semangat2 send derang message "sorry i can't be your friends". LOL. What a pain. aku click ignore je.. fufufufu.