Monday, October 26, 2009


Ada orang mungkin akan pandang aku agak pelik
dah ada 1 set dalam bahasa melayu, kenapa mesti aku beli lagi 1 set dalam bahasa jepun.
ada juga orang kata aku otaku.
tak matured.
dan macam macam.
tapi, bagi aku, sailormoon bukan hanya 1 benda yang aku suka, atau benda yang aku gila dari dulu.
sailormoon = memories.

freshly arrived 18 volumes of original 1st edition sailormoon mangas.

I start to get to know about manga when I went to my cousin`s house in Port Klang and she introduced me to a few volumes of sailormoon

I read them and fell in love with it instantly.

Then, I came back to KB. forgotten about sailormoon for a while. until I saw volume 9 at a newspaper stall in my place.
I asked my mum, and she bought it for me.
I was 11.
and that was my FIRST manga.

volume 9.

I read volume 9 til I could remember all the dialogue and the effect etc. I read it before sleep and after and I even brought it to school

volume 13

volume 13 was the first manga I bought with my own money. Usually, I would ask Abah to bought it for me, but, when volume 13 was out, Abah and Ibu were away to perform Hajj. I used my pocket money and asked the newspaper man to deliver it to me.
I was 12.
and it really hard when Ibu and Abah were away for almost 2 months.
and freaking lonely.

volume 15

this volume held the BEST memory of my Abah.
usually, I have to beg and pujuk and mintak and bising to Abah until Abah bought me the manga.
but for one night, when everyone was sleeping and I was the only up doing my schoolworks, Abah came back from mesyuarat.
I opened the front door for Abah and proceeded doing my works when I noticed Abah had bought me sailormoon.
(Abah try sorok tak mahu bagi aku sedar, but failed to do so)
without asking begging bising-ing etc.
Abah remember to bought it for me!
happy sampai mahu nangis that time.
I was 12.

volume 18

the final volume!
I bought it after I got into MMP.
beli kat gerai pakcik kat tepi BSN.
first and the last volume I bought when I am in MMP.

banyak seh memory dengan sailormoon ni.
I remember bawak all the volumes I had (4 volumes I think) to Langkawi. sumbat masuk dalam bagpack. gilak r tak mau berpisah jugak dengan sailormoon tu.
I even bawak them to kem kayak, kem pengakap(do you still remember this one AFirMo?), kem motivasi and etc.
I mintak my Ibu belikan 1 tshirt sailormoon that I faithfully wear it till Ibu ugut wants to bakar the T. Sorry Ibu, Ina didnt YET throw the T away. I love it too much.
I get to know my kembar(Lini) when i read one of the sailormoon in class. `brani nyo awok bowok komik lagu ni jah.sayo balut kalu nik bowok mari skoloh`

I even collected sailormoon`s stickers and everything that have their image. erasers, keychains, patung kecik2, cards....
and pernah jugak mengamuk sebab adik aku curik amik my stickers and main with them
(kak yah, kak Ina ingat lagi tau!)
I still remember what Ibu told me when she wanted to tell me that Yah had gotten her hands on my stuff.
`Ina, Ibu nok oyak menda ni,Ina jange sedih eh`
`gapo Ibu, Diana mati kow?`
(Diana was my pet cat. NAMED after a cat in sailormoon)
`Kow ado ore main bare sailormoon ina Ibu...?`

I had a pen holder with sailormoon`s pic. which I use it for almost 7 years and it still faithfully sat on my study table in my room in Malaysia.

Do you know, everyone in my class during primary school knows that I love sailormoon and even called me sailormoon when I tied my hair into 2 ponytails?
bila you ikat ponytails and then pakai tudung, nampak la macam kepala usagi.
sampai sekarang pun, last time bila balik jumpa my former english teacher, she did asked me
`guano loni,minat sailormoon lagi kow?`
(sekarang bila fikir balik, baru terasa diri ini seorang freak yang teramat. patut la xd org nak.freak.haha....)


banyak seh memory ngan sailormoon ni.

*edit; BTW, I didnt said that I did believed that there is sailormoon in this world and I am going to be one of the sailor senshi when I am in my secondary school.
sailor earth wtf.
and I stopped to believe it when I was in form 5!


calvin said...

I'm really impressed when you could remember every single details of each volumes of the comic.
And no, as much as I sometimes stereotype otaku, I don't think this has any otaku-ism in it at all.
It is just like how people love to collect stamps, coins, and erasers :)

Cieri said...

you can say that I have semi photographic memory, thats why I can remember almost all things including small details of it.
only for something other than schoolworks or formulas etc.

no no no~
I do collect stamps but people dont named their pet with stamp`s name do them?
I simpan newspaper articles about sailormoon,wear the T, read the manga religiously, collect stickers and cards and figurines.
hafal their names and the sttack chant wtf
and I even believed that there is sailormoon!
and I kept waiting for MY turn to be a sailor senshi.


calvin said...

How cool is that to have such ability.
I wish I can do that too, to recall past memories >.<

These Sailormoon comics must be one of your precious thing in your life, eh?


Cieri said...

cool when you can remember nice things

but NOT cool when you keep remembering the face of someone who died from drowning

or the vision of body floating in tasik sebelah kolej ke-2.

or the scene of someone breaking up with you keep playing over and over and over.

sangat2 precious. everyone in my family knows not to touch it or naga will appear.
I m missing my sailormoon kat umah la!

nazrul said...

cool memories! i had one just like this too (^^)

Cieri said...

@nazrul- majissu? what kind of memories that it would be?

nazrul said...

komik dragon ball hehe

Cieri said...

dragon ball bukan ke byk?43vols dattake?kalau blh ingat every vol tu kisahnye ape MMG power r~

aku rasa kan,ada menda cmni,rasa worth plak jd/kena gelar otaku/freak.

t@ng_y1! said...

that time I read Inuyasha XD
n berjaya collected all the vcd in PPKTJ !

Anonymous said...

form 5 is kinda late to stop believing in such stuffXD
i used to like sailormoon too but masa sekolah rendah je.masa tu lah buku reference untuk draw comic/manga.
tapi masuk form 1 i was more interested in the rurouni kenshin manga.and that is one of my inspitations till now^^