Saturday, October 31, 2009


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THIS is what you call multitasking~
menengok TV jepun sambil melayan bola ( I do layan bola but very very very rare.) sambil chatting n sambil layan tod sweetney sambil downloading movie.
wait! this isnt the most I had done.
this is why,I do love my laptop.

on the other story, I had accomplished another mile in my private cooking journal (hukeleh, macam la ada journal tu)
I had cooked nasi kerabu for dinner today~~~
although the tumis didnt turned out very well, BUT! BUTTT!
it tasted almost like Abah`s nasi kerabu.
the nasi is different (of course!), and I dont have daging so I used chicken instead.
tapi sedap zo!!!!


MissNico said...

nak wat journal la gaks..haha.. =P

Cieri said...

@ani-xd r journal tu.ina x buat lagi.