Monday, November 16, 2009

did I missed something or am I going to miss something?

13 Going On 30 (known as Suddenly 30 in Australia is a 2004 romantic comedy film starring Jennifer Garner. It has a similar premise to the films Wish Upon a Star, and Freaky Friday, in which girls' souls were swapped into different bodies, as well as the classic short story, Rip Van Winkle, in which a young person falls asleep and wakes up many years later as an older person. Unlike the film Big, Vice Versa, and 14 Going on 30, in which boys were physically transformed into adult men, in this film a 13-year-old girl appears to skip 17 years of her life, and wakes up as a successful magazine editor in the future. It was produced by Revolution Studios for Columbia Pictures.

Start start aja dah terus bagi kopipaste review movie. ape kes? Altho agak lambat baru aku nak tengok movie ni, but it worth it. Boleh Dah masuk dalam senarai movie fave r.

I am not going to write a review based on the movie coz the movie is not a new one and I bet most of people had watched it. so skipped the review.

Basicly, I watched downloaded the movie coz I was bored while downloading 500 days of Summer ( which I havent finish watching it yet). Download dengan perasaan nak tengok time time bosan takde menda nak tengok.
BUT alas!
tertengok jugak mase dinner weekend lepas.
memula ingat citer chic flick besa besa (I love chic flick!!!!)
but then, The movie made me realized something.

"What IF in order to achive something that I thought will going to make me happy, ACTUALLY is not the real happiness I wanted"

"What IF I made a mistake that I dont even realize it"

People always say "Follow YOUR heart"
but what should I do when MY heart lead me to something that will make me sad/unhappy?

I just want to lead a content and happy life. NORMAL life. Meet a guy who loves me very much, fall in love, good job, nice simple car, marry someone who loves me, have a small but happy family which spends thier time together bla bla bla. in other words, I wanna have a happy normal family.
THAT is what MY head wants.

But my heart wants a total different life

Not really full with drama, but something happening. have a high paying job, drove at least a mini cooper or beetle, travel overseas every year or live there, lead a busy life, pakai maid, etc etc.

My head wants me to stop waiting for that someone while my heart wants me to bear with it for a little bit more. It is hard when you know you love/like someone and cant say it to him. bertepuk sebelah tangan. dah 5 tahun maybe? and you dont know what do he really thinks about you. am I only his childhood friend or someone he knew or just a friend or someone that is special or whatever?
That`s why my head wants me to stop waiting for him and move on but my heart wants to wait for a bit more.
(I think this is the 1st time I write about this. He knows about my blog although I dont really sure whether he is still reading mine or not)

IF I follow my head, what kind of things I am going to have and what kind of things I am going to miss? and what if I follow my heart.

Macam dalam movie ni, Jenna got all that she dreamt of. Being popular, prom queen, glam job, for-her-handsome-boyfriend-but-for-me-MATT-is-much-more-hansome etc etc. but she have no real friends and she lost the love of her life. lucky for her as she had another chance to change it back, when I dont and never will.
What if I had already lost someone who had loving me as long as he had knew me? What if I had busted the chances given to me? What should I do in order to get it back? I have no wishing dusts or wishing upon meteor wont help me. and i dont want to go back to the past. for some reason.
while writing this, I realized that, whatever happened in my life, I have to bear with it and because of it, my life is different with others`. I just have to live life and never regret with whatever deccission I am going to make or already made. Carpe Diem.

- teringat plak kat scene masa Jenna bagitau Matt she loves him. and kena rejek situ jugak.fave scene!


nazrul said...

tgk lah 500 days of summer tuh hehe

'Atiqah Jasni said...

pesan seorang senior
"Selalu sebut nama insan yang dicintai kerana ALLAH dalam doa."
"Jikalau xxxxx adalah jodohku maka permudahkanlah dan sekiranya xxxxx bukanlah jodohku maka aku redha dengan ketentuanMu"

p/s:xxxxx adalah nama insan yang dicintai

Cieri said...

@tiqtiq- I have been doing that for almost 5 years and counting. =)

@Doink-dah tgk!!!!
altho xbape paham n kena tgk skali lagi, I love it! and the hero is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!

calvin said...

I bet your letter "O" is out of stock by now.

Anyway, think about these two situations:

1. Decide to do something, which it fails later on, but you never regret it because you have tried;

2. Decide NOT to do something, which you are unsure whether it will be successful or a failure, but you regret for not making the decision and not knowing what the outcome would be.

It is your choice.

Cieri said...

what if I decide to do something and then I regret if something happened later?
because once I did decided upon something which I thought would be successful but later on I lost one good friend
I am paranoid because of that.

(no, he hadnt died yet.still living and kicking around somewhere)

calvin said...

It is all about decisions.
If you are ready to accept whatever consequences that might come after your decision, then go ahead with it.
Life is about taking risk.

I almost lost a very close friend just a couple of weeks ago, but I chose to be honest although I know I might lose that friend. That friend gave me the benefit of the doubt, and we are back to how it used to be in the old days.

I took the risk, and now I am glad it was a positive outcome.
It could be the other way round, however.