Friday, October 15, 2010


(aku bukan tertinggal 1 entry atau salah taip,memang entry ni num 76.entry num 75 dah disimpan dalam draft atas beberapa sebab2 tertentu.sekian)

I dreamed of someone last night. Someone who used to be a very good friend to me. But sadly said, not anymore. Not even a good friend and I am in doubt if we are still FRIENDS with each other.

Friendship is a very fragile. Especially between opposite genders. Yes,of course you can befriend and stay friends with the opposite gender but commonly, it wont. After some time, one of the side will start to take the friendship a bit more serious than it had been or starting to feel special in many way.

I speak based on my experiences. It happened to me not once, but more than twice.

I used to be good friend with this guy. We sent each other presents, called and chatted here and there, make fun of each other without feeling wait, sometimes, merajuk did add the spice into it kan?

Days goes by, suddenly he starting to be a little weird. But I had seen it all the way. I might be TOO FRIENDLY with the friend but it is how I treat my friends.

He starting to feel hurt whenever I called him `dude` or `dowh` or `beb`. He said,I changed him to be a better person and I am happy with that.

It was because, he had seen me differently and more than a friend.
But I still feel the same about him. He as a friend. A good friend. A very good friend.

We had a rough relationship after that. With me being with somebody else (not MrBeau,I hadnt meet him yet at this point) and he being busy with his internship and practical.

Then when I broke up with the somebody, he said to me that he actually like me. But I never feel the same about him. He was a friend, a very good friend to me, nothing more.

I gave him some time to think and I asked his to give me his answer before new year 2010,as I want to start with everything new.

Guess what? He missed his deadline, and I met MrBeau right on the mark.

He did said something after that and his words hurted me in many way. Suddenly, I becoming the bad guy who messed up his life. So that was the

After the messy part, our relationship wasnt quite the same. He avoided me and starting to change.

This is what I hate being friends with the opposite gender. Thing can goes well and also bad and also, stay the same.

I dreamed of him last night. Even in my dream, he still avoiding me. Yes, I do miss him, but as a friend. I did my best but what can I do if the person doesnt want to?

Dear friend, I miss you.

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