Friday, October 15, 2010


My latest pic.
Aku tengah blogging kat lab PC with sensei kat blakang ahahaha.
I am the one one the right ye. Jangan salah orang.

This is one of my latest pic with me wearing the inner yang ada awning and shawl yang kaler2 meriah2 camni.

I am still fat with 6*kg. Now at my heaviest. Trying to find ways to lose the stubborn fats and slim away. But still no luck.

By today, I have been living in Tokushima for 6 months and 3 weeks.

I am now 24 years, 4 months, and 2 days young. =p

I am still messy, heavy, blur, and well, ME.

I was back to Malaysia for 2 weeks and had the busiest 2 weeks. Well in term of holiday in Malaysia where it used to fill with relaxing and eating and going out with friends, the 2 weeks I had, was the busiest.

I had started my new semester, and received my results. All I can say is ALHAMDULILLAH. It was more than I expected with only 4 credits dropped and a more As than I expected. I dont know whether I should pat my back or not. Haha

It is Autumn in Japan and sometimes it is cold and sometimes it isnt. The smell of Kinmokusei was sooo nice and it is everywhere!

I bought the most expensive purchase in my life after my trustful MissPinkie(DELL 1420) and MAS tickets to back home last time (cost me whooping 110000Yen++). `The thing` isnt new,but she/he performs very well. I am now trying to make she/he to look more MINE. Pink, Hello Kitty and cute stuffs thrown here and there... but I have no money to do so. Takpe buat sikit2

Owh, dah lambat but I still wanna wish all my friends and reader, SELAMAT HARI RAYA, MAAF ZAHIR BATIN.

Salam Aidilfitri dari saya, Nurul Amalina Aisyah Muhamad Azmi a.k.a ciEri

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