Friday, October 15, 2010


I used to like going to airport.
Going there means either; I am going back to Malaysia, or, I am going back to Japan which either is something I used to look forward to.

Going back to Malaysia USED to mean;
   1- Malaysian Foodsss! Satay, Nasi lemak, Nasi berlauk ikan aya, McDs, KFCs, burger Ramlee, Rendang, jering rebus with kelapa parut, kuihmuih
   2- Travel and holidays around Malaysia. Hello KL~ Hi Cameron Highland(I dont know why but I do like Cameron very much)
    3- Meeting my Mum and Dad and siblings of course! Nothing is much more excited than this.
   4- Being able to laze around and do nothing but watch Rachel Ray or Martha Steward all morning with a plate of scrambled eggs (from organic ayam kampung!) and a mug of perfectly made Nescafe.
   5- Shopping and going out almost everyday. Cuti kan? Pau kete and to KBMall here I go~ But now dah ada Parkson and giant and tesco to shop atound teeheee~

Going back to Japan USED to mean;
   1- Schools! Classes! Lab sessions! yes I am weird enough to be excited over labs and classes and school, but it was fun in Kosen tho.
   2- Autumn means = 留学生の研修旅行! 四国地域総合文化祭! 高専際!
 Excited excited excited!
   3- After Autumn there will be Winter! Winter = Snowboard, Shopping, Tokyo, Harajuku, friends, doing crazy stuffs!

But this time, I was only excited going home to Malaysia. In many ways. For many reasons.

Even now, I am still thinking of Malaysia (and peoples I left behind)
Is this what people say as `Hatiku tertinggal Di Malaysia`? ahahaha

The journey back to Japan was the hardest. I was the last one to fly back (Usually, I was the first to leave), and with my parents going to perform Hajj this month, it just gotten hard and harder.

Upon my arrival to KLIA, and seeing someone`s face at the arrival, my heart leaped and cried as well. We are going to be apart again, with this time being harder that it was.

I was late for departure. As I walked, I can see his face, slowly gotten sadder and lonelier as I walked away. My heart, also, cried slowly, but I tried to maintain my smile.

I broke my record as I cried during breakfast. I didnt finish my Nasi Lemak either. I didint feel like enjoying the flight although I had the best flight and I doubt if I ever got the same treatment again later. Ahaha.
I cried and cried and dimmed my light as i dont want stewardess to see me crying. It will be messier if any of them saw me crying.
Thanks MAS for the flight It soothed me a little.

I cant say that I am officially hate airport but I getting to hate farewells


calvin said...

I used to get worried that I might get spotted crying in the plane by the flight attendant. But nowadays, I just don't care and cry out until I feel better lol!

I am quite sure they are already used to seeing such scene :P

Cieri said...

@calvin- I get free upgrade to business class and the attendants on the business class is super alert than the normal one. actually,it would be nice if they see me crying coz I might get something extra hahaha
plus, I never cry during flight from malaysia. I usually feel excited coming back to Japan.