Friday, September 13, 2013

Of Breastfeeding

Alhamdulillah, This September will mark one year of my journey breastfeeding Husna. I dont know how to react if anybody ask me if it was easy or hard. I dont want to sound cocky or full of myself but alhamdulillah, so far, I dont feel troubled by breastfeeding even after I start working. I also feel easy and this might be because Husna is a good baby.

Although Husna was delivered through emergency C-sect due to fetal distress,Husna latched on her first time without any problem. The feeling watching a newborn sucking on boobies for the first time was indescribable. It feels weird at first. But everytime I think about it, I feel like falling in love with my baby again and again. Hihi.

I exclusively breastfeed Husna for about 9 months. Me and my husband also didnt bottle trained her during that period and only start to train Husna once I start working. We had a lot of problem for the first few weeks but it was mainly because of Husna’s then babysitter. Now as I start working, I pump at work, using my trusty manual Unimom pump. No money la to buy freestyle. Huhu. I pump around 3-4 times a day and manage to squeeze max 12oz but normally I bring back 8oz. Sikit? It might be but it is enough for Husna as Husna only drinks from 6oz to 8oz per day at nursery. She eats a lot and also drink plain water, so there is no problem alhamdulillah so far.

If I were to give points on breastfeeding, I would say these points.

1- For the first month, please please please, breastfeed exclusively on demand. Store bottles, formula milks, teats etc out of your sight and out of your mind. At first, it might be hard but dont worry as Insya Allah it will be ok with time.
2- Sucking on boobies is a new thing to learn for babies so they might have take some time to master it. Dont give up and keep on encourage baby to breastfeed.
3- Some friends complained that their babies demand milk often and dont sleep well even after several feedings, making they feel like their milk is not nutritious enough and the amount they are producing is not enough. Hurm.. Breastmilk is easily digested and babie’s stomach is small. Hence, babies seem to be hungry all the time and always demanding for milk. To counter this, just breastfeed the baby on demand.
4- For those who think her milk is not nutritious enough for her baby, stop thinking so. Insya Allah, even without consuming so call milk booster and vitamins, your breastmilk is nutritious for you baby.
5- Some complain that her milk supply is so low and she cant produce like… 30 oz milk per day and dont have a freezer full of frozen breastmilk. This kind of thinking is a bit wrong. One have to remember that “demand=Supply”. The more demand, more milk will be produce. So, IF you wants to have enough supply, always breastfeed your babies with max 3 hours per feeding during the day and 4 hours during night is I am not mistaken.Pump on schedule and dont skip it. Power pumping once in a while. Consuming vitamins and so called milk booster and doing nothing will get you nowhere. Drink 2-3L water per day.

You will get nothing by goyang kaki and expect thing to roll down to your foot. No pain no gain la.

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Fatin said...

So true for the supply = demand. Also nutritious milk can be produced with nutrients from taking supplements as well. Cheers! πŸ˜„