Thursday, September 12, 2013

Of Chicken Pox

My LO currently down with chicken pox since last week. Full attack jugak la sampai abes muka,kepala,belakang dan dada. To be truth, it scared me to the max seeing her spotted face and seeing how bad the vericelles. Apart of that, I am actually relieved that Husna already gotten chicken pox.

Chronogically, Hubby spotted some blisters on Husna's private part when changing her nappy on Wednesday night. We thought that it was nappy rash altho the blisters were quite big. So we just ignore them.
Friday evening: We went to a session of bowling game with hubby's officemate and around that time more blisters appeared. I feel like "AHA! chicken pox it is!"
So, we called hubby's brother who is a MO and asked for his advice. Basically there is no meds to treat chicken pox and you just need to leave it to heal naturally. We bathe Husna in oatmeal bath, gave her coconut water, keep the area clean and avoid her scratching.

In short, we had to KIV our 2nd anniversary celebration and focused on Husna. Luckily, my sisters are here so they are looking after Husna at the moment.

Semoga Husna cepat cepat baik nanti kita pegi jalan jalan ye!

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