Friday, September 13, 2013

On Cloth Diapers

We have been using cloth diapers for Husna since she is around 2 month old. I first got to know about them from Facebook, after a friend actively posted about them.

Now Husna is 90% on CD,10% being on disposable diapers when we are out and I dont really want to lug around soiled nappy or when she is not well.

The thing with CD, apart from they are eco friendly, they also “kinda” wallet friendly but not during the first time as you need to spend quite a lot to start CD-ing. Aside that, we dont have to closely monitor Disposable diapers(DD) price and dont have to endure smelly soiled nappies at home.

I spent around RM300-RM400 to buy all the CD I am using right now. I bought preused as well as new ones. Preused is relatively cheap but sometimes they are not as good as new ones. A few in my collection is already delaminated after a few uses and I cant use it anymore :(

Since starts with CD, we rarely buy DD. Maybe just a pack in 3 months which almost all the time ended up unused as Husna grown out of the size. Banyak simpan aja. Maka nak beli DD pun biasa beli kat expo aja. Murah sikit. Lagipun haritu Huggies gilagila promo so dpt baaaanyak samples free.

Advantages pakai CD?
- of course la jimat duit. tak de rasa cuak “Yayang!!! diapers dah abesss!!!”
- susah kena nappy rash. yup. Husna kena nappy rash sekali aja. tu pun sebab pakai DD dan DD brand sekian sekian tu tak sesuai dengan kulit Husna.
- Comel. Cuba letak DD dan CD sebelah menyebelah. Sure CD lagi menyerlah dan comel.
- no moar smelly kitchen or room esp bila tak buang sampah lebih dari sehari.
- boleh guna untuk next baby!

Disadvantages(actually xde la disadvantages sgt, cuma low point dia aja)
- kena rajin basuh, unless nak se baldi soiled nappy dalam toilet and toilet berbau.
- nak start tu rasa macam mahal la sikit. huhu~

Banyak mana penjimatan ber CD ni? Meh kira kira sikit

Lets say 1 pack besar ada 80 pcs, baby pakai 6 pcs sehari. 1 pack tu plak harga nya RM35
80pcs per pack/6 pcs per day = 13 hari per pack.
1 bulan 30 hari.
30 hari/13hari = 2.3 pack per month (+/- 5 packs every 2 months)

Katakanlah Baby start pakai CD dari umur 2 bulan sampai potty trained at erm… 3 years old = (12-2)+12+12 = 34 bulan.
34 bulan / 2 bulan = 17
17 x 5 = 85 packs
85 packs x RM35 = RM2975.

kalo pakai CD

lets say we need around 30 pcs of CDs.
sekarang CD paling murah di jual at RM17/pcs.
17pcs x 30 pcs = RM510
Kita masukkan lah jugak sedikit calculation untuk DD dan misc stuff in here
RM510 + [11 packs of DD (dgn calculation of 1 pack per 3 month) x RM35 ] RM385+ RM50 (liners etc) = RM945

So kalo compare CD dan DD
CD = RM945
DD = RM2975
dah jimat around RM2030 tu!

For long term baru lah nampak jimat tak jimat. awal2 xnampak sgt. Selain dr tu, CD ni boleh simpan dan pakaikan kat baby lain juge.

I dont know about others but it seem that CD usage suits us and our lifestyle. If you wanna try it , please, lets CD-ing~

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