Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Some met at schools
at tution centres
Some met through friends
or through relatives
Some met through the Facebook
and others through the Friendster
while some through chatsites
or through blogs
Some met accidentally
While know each other since forever
You never know where and when you are going to meet the special one
You might had met him/her somewhere before
Or hadnt yet.
as your path and his/her hadnt cross with each other yet.
I know
because the same thing happened to me.

how we met?
when did we met?
why we met?
what are the purpose of meeting him?
how long we are going to be together?
how far will we go?
are still unanswered
as we are still written our own story.
with our own way
with our own style
others might think that our story are unbelievable
or lame
or ordinary
but this is
Our Own Story.
Nobody else's.

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