Tuesday, April 6, 2010


This is how my scheldule looks like for the rest of the year. Full with labs and enshuus.

I am taking 34 credits worth of 17 subjects(including 2 nights classes), 7 credits worth of 4 summer classes,and 12 credits worth of 12 labs and enshuus this year(2 sems-April 2010~March 2011).

Yet,I still have 10 credits to take next year.and not to forget, another final year project and thesis to write next year.

Will I survive and grad in 2 years time I had gave myself to?

Some said that I am crazy for doing this.
Even my lecturers are betting that I wont finish this in 2 years.

Nobody knows except Allah.

This time I want to push myself to the limint and see what am I truly made with and to prove to people around me of what I am capable to.

I will let you know eventually.

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