Wednesday, April 28, 2010


ngehehehehehe~ just a short update as I still cant transfer pictures from my SD card to my Laptop.
I had been salivating over this poster since I saw it at Village Vanguard AEON Niihama. Selalu berangan nak tampal poster camni kat umah, So,I bought the lady last Saturday. Hihihi~

I like Audrey Hepburn even though I havent watch any of her movies yet. For me, she is soooo pretty and beautiful. Especially in this movie.

I really like my new house(room). So far I did managed to get it to look like what I wanted it to be. I did said that I want a pink room but in reality and due to money restrictions during my first month in here, I settles with a beige carpet, brown curtain supplied by my landlord, black TV rack and black book shelves, black standing mirror, red coffee table and leopard-skin-sofa. The only pink thing(big stuff not small stuff) is my Futon, which I bought them from my kosen days.

As many of you know how messy my room can be, alhamdulillah I managed to keep the messiness to a very minimum level. Insya Allah will try to keep it this way. Serious yo,tak tipu~
Tengah minggu ie selasa,rabu, messy la sikit sebab occupied with lab reports and night classes. Paling teruk maybe on Wednesday kot.Pagi bangun, siapkan report, g lab, g kelas fukushi, balik kejap masak, off to night class again around 7.30pm (class starts at 7.40pm) and I return home around 9.30pm (class finish at 9.10pm or earlier) So balik dah penat, I biasa mandi, have my dinner, chatting/video call while watching TV or doing assignments. Then go to sleep as I have morning classes on the next day.

(kata short update....)
Oklah, dah kul 2.mau tidur~

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calvin said...

Post up some pics of your new place when you're able to do it!
Looking forward to see how untidy it is =P