Wednesday, December 30, 2009

“ – as Easy as 1,2,3!”

It was my first time going home to Malaysia. After a year. Excited.
When you are super excited, unbelievable things happened. First, we (me and my senior and fellow friends) missed our bus and we had to luggage our big fat luggages to other station to catch another bus. We had to climb flights of stairs with 20kg luggage.
okeh. Fine.
We arrived at the airport a little bit late. 1 hour before boarding. kalut again. Alhamdulillah we managed to check in on time.
(although lepas kalut2 check in tu, dorang announce that the flight was delayed. urgh. penat2 aja)


Going home to Malaysia again. This time, I posted my bags earlier. BUT then, I went to BBQ with some friends from 12am to 3am when I should catch a bus to airport at 5am. sempat aja kan? Nope. Because one of my seniors who is supposed to send me to airport DIDNT WOKE UP TO SEND ME TO THE BAS STOP! and I dont know where was the bus stop as it wasnt my place.(I was there for internship) dang! This time, I was really late for check in. and then my bag was overweight. urgh. and I was alone. so cuba bayangkan how tension and kalut I was. I was the last person to check in.

I didnt know that they changed their ticketing system where before this I can check in in Kansai and get both of KIX-KUL and KUL-KBR boarding passes. Now I have to check in separatedly. PENAT and BANYAK KEJE. After long flight from kansai, I have to rush to check in for KB flight. which I have to do in less than an hour.

Those experience made me think that if there is easier way to check in/booking flights, my life would be easier. no more rushing and no more waiting after class to check for available tickets. Especially during promotions.

then, Thank God, MAS decided to introduce the coolest system ever.
It is called
I had tried it on my Iphone (and to forget to take snapshots of the web is soooo lame!)
and I can say that I am really impressed with it
I can view special offers, check in, book flight,select seats, check arrivals and departures time (this going to be useful when my family is coming to my place later!) pay for the flight, book and hold flights and others! This is what I wanted and I can avoid nerve wrecking incidents like I had experience before
I can wait to use the service when I am travelling

Of course I always choose MAS when it comes to traveling.

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