Monday, December 28, 2009

Just before hitting 2010

I just did the stupidest thing I had ever done ever for this year.

The one that is much more stupid than partying in USJ for a whole day and night and sleeping in the street wearing a thin jacket during winter and caught a nasty cold after that
The stupidest mail sent.
The stupidest joke said.
NOW I have to bear with the consequence.
The best way to end a year.
with heartacheSS

WHY must I always end my year with heartachesSs?
2007->2008 pun sama,
2008->2009 pun sama,
and now 2009->2010 pun??

Just once, I want things to work the way I want it to be.

no friend to talk to,
no friend who truly care,
no friend to hugs.

I wanna go home.
but I cant.

for now, I just want to curl up

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

muhasabahkan diri,..
cintakan Allah,
cintakan Rasulullah,

cerminkan balik diri, lihat apa yang betul dalam diri, APA YANG SALAH DALAM DIRI,

kesalahan bukan semuanya pada orang lain, kadangkala kita tidak sedar segalanya dari kita sendiri,

jangan takut untuk berubah, kalau asyik ingin berada di takuk lama, takkan kemana,

banyakkan mengingati Allah, n banyakkan bersabar ye.

~ anakmanjoi *masih lagi mencuba untuk mengubah diri*