Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Recap 2009

What a long year 2009 had been.

Fall in love with Jason Mraz.
Wrote the most searched entry on my blog.
Went to USJ for New Year Celebration.
Caught a cold and was under stress
Tried Fiq Jam and love it
Went to Kobe and went to the popular seafood buffet. altho I was down with cold( or it was flu?)

Hilang semangat. Wrote about it here and here
Finished Student`s lab
First time trying to photomanipulation
Study macam gile for finals
Kettei lab and theme for final year project.
Which later affected where I want to pursue my degree.
Bake truffles for the 1st time.
Start lab.

More semangat hilang
A friend did an artwork for me.
Had a talk with my sensei. rethink my decision about everything
Exposed my room in niihama.
Spring holiday
Went to the hospital again coz of pollen allergy

Genap 2 tahun in japan
The confusion and the semangat yang hilang kembali a lil bit
Cooked a lot of stuff during the spring hols and just managed to wrote the entry in april
demam again

Bought a new lens for my hubby
Nervous about my jukens
Running here and there with applications.
Squeezing every single penny I had for juken.

Sat for Tokushima Uni`s juken.
Sat for midsems with gunma`s juken squeezed in the middle.
Went to gunma for juken
Had a blast birthday night
Turned 23 years old
Went shopping in Tokyo on my birthday. also had my first crispy creme donuts.
Got unofficial result of Tokushima Uni`s juken on my birthday night. birthday pressie from TokuDai`s senpai and friends.
Passed Tokushima Uni and Gunma Uni! (official) alhamdulillah
For some reasons, I choose Tokushima instead of Gunma.

Main2 with photoshop again trying new tricks
Bought a new HP. a samsung Omnia
Someone confessed to me.
Hanabi taikai
BBQ with SGG at Marine Park

Balik malaysia
Meet Ups with friends
Met Imani after erm...7 years? went to watch the proposal and had pizza after that.
Went to Ikea and bought a lot of stuff.
Came back to japan with a big hole in my pocket.
Renovate my room in Malaysia. still not finished yet. pink walls with pink curtains and pink

Cut my hair
First time successfully decorating a cake
Had a blast raya in Yuge
Final Sem 1

Found this funny article on my cookie wrapper
BBQ in Dogo Koen
Bought a complete set of sailormoon`s manga
Bought a TV antenna and starting to watch TV daily.
Watched Soccer too. Piala Malaysia lagi tu beb
Cooked nasi kerabu.
Angered a few people on the facebook. totally unintentional. but what they said to me really pissed me off

Started to get cold
First time making a tutorial. COOKING tutorial
Went to a trip to Kyushu and Hiroshima with all foreign students in NNCT.(will do a proper entries after this.I promise!)
Bento blog!
Cuti for a week because of influenza.
Changed Blog`s header
Went karaoke with my classmates for the first time.

Cut my hair AGAIN.
Midsems and JLPT
Wrote another movie review.
Finished doing the main final year research! tinggal thesis and presentation aja~
Didnt go to snowboarding but stay at niihama doing nothing.
Made someone angry (again and again)
Watched Nodame the movie part 1 and Avatar.

Damn long year with a lot of things happened.
Archived some yet lost something else.
But I had learned lot of things.
Still waiting for the right person. No need for a warrior-who-carry-shiny-armor-and-ride-a-white-horse. just a normal person,normal man who is perfect for me.
Planing something big for next year. Wait for it okay?
I am still fat. still not manage to lose weight.
Insya Allah I am going to try my best in finals and during presentation and thesis and also in new environment.
I need to change myself a LOT. especially what inside me.

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