Saturday, February 13, 2010


I want to update Cytoplasm-me soooo much
but I dont know what should I write.
I want to write how happy I am now,
for there were a lot of things happened.
I seem cant bring myself to write anything about it.
I want to share with everyone
but deep down in my heart,
I am afraid that it will shatter into thousand pieces if I ever tell a soul.
yep, ada orang tahu,
a few.
sorang, dua
Maybe I am thinking too much that He will take this away from me if I ever tell others
I really want to keep this close to my heart.
Just for me
and for nobody else`s.
Just for once,
I want to be greedy.
For I want to treasure this for a little bit more.
Just a little bit longer.

I know
I dont deserve this at all.
and this is a risk I am taking.


syaza said... long s u happy my dear~~

Cieri said...

nanti2 aku share.
seyes takut Allah amk happiness y sikit ni y dia pinjamkan kt aku.

*love syaza much!*