Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tujuh Belas

O Allah,
I know I am greedy for asking something like this.
I know that I am not even deserve this.
I want to have this tiny little happiness I am having now for a little bit more.
Just a little bit longer.
Even if he is a test for me.
Even if he is someone that you let me to have for a shortest period of time.
Even if he isnt the one for me.
I still want this happiness to stay a little longer.

And Allah,
I want to thank you.
For letting me to know him.
For letting him to cross my life path.

- Some people comes in our life for a while, for a reason or for a lifetime.
Quoted from iamarunaholic`s tweet.


JAI said...

Gothic ke aper ek?

Hamba yAng Daif said...


Cieri said...

nampak sangat anda tidak membaca entry saya sepenuhnya.
Emo tidak semestinya gothic.
and I didnt write anything related to gothic.

Cieri said...