Tuesday, December 30, 2008

30 disember..

One year ago,
I`d cried my heart out.
I am smiling.

I`d been living in darkness for almost one full year.
Feeling bad and hated my own self.
and today,I feel my world widen.
feel lighter and brighter.
for the past 3 days,
I laughed and smiled and enjoyed myself.
dah lama tak gelak macam tu.

although I came here with a ghost inside me.
but somehow,the ghost left me
and I do think I can live my life much better after this.
the puzzle not solved yet but I will let it pass.
as all of it wasnt my fault.

let forget and forgive.

-on my way to Tokyo from Myoko Suginohara,Niigata by bus.

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