Monday, January 5, 2009


ok!cuti musim sejuk dah tamat-not officially as I still got a day off before class-
masa untuk serious.
belajar dengan serious!
-exam in february-
turunkan berat badan dengan serious!
-I am shocked when I saw my pics.chubby!akibat cuti.makan without control.sodas.and caffeines-
dan masa untuk sihat kembali.
-down with a fever and a cold.depending on cold pack.and I stil got a big bruise from an accident.-
masa untuk recover dah tamat.sekarang masa untuk live life and carpe diem.
note;I read a lot in past 3 days.finished reading `things I want my daughters to know`,`twilight`,`new moon`,and `remember me?`.half finished `tunggu teduh dulu`
and I am going to read 3 more.cant wait!*dance*
I am going to read real lot this year.and study.and save money.and be ME.and meet a lot new friends.and be ME.and lose weight.
-not a new year resolutions,please..except the lose weight part la.and I wont mention anything ANYTHING about getting married,having a boyfriend(s),etc etc.and you all please stop asking me..
1-bila nak kawin?
2-bila nak balik?
btw,congrate to Aufa!Insya Allah,I will be in Malaysia by the time you `meletup`.haha.she`s one of my 1st buddies when I entered,she`s waiting for her second baby.dont ask me when is MY turn OK?
opsie~~melalut lebih-lebih plak.em..I`ll stop here.
ciao~~and happy schooling to all in Japan!

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