Saturday, October 11, 2008

me=gadis urban???

copied from here
Jangan kata apa saat dia bukak tudung dan pegi straighten/perm rambut.
Jangan kata apa saat dia mula memakai baju singkat dan low slung jeans.
Jangan kata apa saat dia mengaku dia tahu apa itu underground dan indie.
Jangan kata apa saat dia kata dia suka gila tengok filem indie.
Jangan kata apa saat dia kata dia ada nombor telefon Noh.
Jangan kata apa saat dia kata dia baca AKAB.
Jangan kata apa saat dia mula mabuk mabuk.
Jangan kata apa saat dia membeli Sampoerna Merah 14 depan depan kau.
Jangan kata apa saat dia cuba mendekati orang orang cool.
Jangan kata apa saat dia mula mencarut dalam english.
Jangan kata apa saat dia pakai shades macam Paris Hilton.
Jangan kata apa saat dia bukak blog.
Jangan kata apa saat dia berFacebook.
Jangan kata apa saat dia menggantung DSLR di tengkuk.
Jangan kata apa saat dia menyarung skinny jeans pelbagai warna.

Jangan kata apa.

Apa apa pun. Jangan.

Tepuk belakang dia dan ucapkan selamat berjaya.
for me.....
no,I still wear my tudung and please kill me if I started showing my hairs to public
no,I hate baju singkat and low slung jeans
no,I dont even know what INDIE and UNDERGROUND really mean
no,I didnt watch an indie movie before
no,btw,WHO IS NOH?
no,and WHAT IS AKAB?
no,I love Islam
no,smoking is NOT cool
no,what is the term if COOL?sejuk senyek?
yes,but I am trying not to anymore.
yes,because of my sickness,I need my sunglasses.
yes,but HECK,I had been blogging since I was in my secondary school,for god sake.
yes,apart from facebook-ing,I do also myspace-ing,friendster-ing
yes,I own a DSLR
no,I am not going to wear a sickening yellow jeans

gadis urban
"Originally a term used in Indonesia, 'gadis urban' is now commonly used for any Malay girl below the age of 25 who is a DLSR-toting, hot-pants-wearing and usually a fan of either Hujan or Meet Uncle Hussain, but never at the same time. 85% of Bijou Bazaar/Threadzoos attendees are Gadis Urbans, and those with too many clothes bought from these bazaars will gang up together, set up a fashion blog with pictures of themselves wearing said clothes and will end up opening a booth selling those items at the next fashion flea markets. Cooler 'gadis urban' will dismiss Hujan and Meet Uncle Hussain for being too KAMI and will be a Komplotan instead."
I hope that people wont label me as `Gadis Urban`
yes,I am below the age of 25
yes,I own a DSLR
no,I didnt wear a hot pants
no,I am not Hujan or Meet Uncle Hussain`s fan.I do listen to them,but never a fan
no,I never had been to Bijou bazar/Threadzoos
and, no,I dont even know what is a KAMI and Komplotan mean. But I do understand what KY means.

being different is starting to be a trend.and it is not COOL.
what the heck is gadis urban?dont label me with such label just because I own a DSLR and such.I am proud to be a gadis kampung.I am proud wearing kain batik.(how cool is it,wearing a kain batik and trotting a DSLR?)
I am ME.
maybe it is the trend now for richer girls in Malaysia to do such things,but,for me,I am not going to follow ANY trends at all.
biarlah mata orang bulat terjojol bila tengok aku berkain sarung di bumi terbit matahari ni.
aku tak kisah.
as in,aku tak pernah kisah.
berkain batik hari ini....


Joyce said...

konsep yg sgt interesting.

Tapi jgn risau. Amalina takkan jd gadis urban macam tu punya. im sure of it.

Cieri said...

finally,joyce commented me!

syaza said...

agree with dis fren tetibe jd someone else..suddenly sume orang nak makan high class expensive foods..suddenly pakai selendang instead fo tudung n wear it bagi nmpk jambul depan n purposely dyed her hair...konpius ak!

Cieri said...

kawan2 aku aku tatau lagi...
sebab balik ritu aku xlepak ngan sapa2.....
tapi the trend tu dah boleh nampak la....
back kepada zaman 70s?
tah paper....
by the way,if ko nampak ada tanda2 hampeh camtu kat aku....
sila slap aku.
slap betul2.kuat2.kat pipi aku.
aku bg permission.

zatul said...

aperkah facebook ko???!

KAMI = citer series indies famous kat 8TV with theme song by Uncle Hussein. Quite a nice premise actually. adekah aku gadis urban sebab aku tau what is indie and underground? O___O

Cieri said...

aku dah add ko kat facebook
kan ada sign2 lain.
xkan sbb ko tau pasal indie n underground 1 menda j dah jdikan ko gadis urban....