Monday, March 1, 2010


Dulu, ada orang pernah cakap pada aku
` Kau ubah pemikiran aku, ubah diri aku. Aku jadi orang yang lebih baik lepas aku kenal kau`
(something like that)
Tapi aku tak percaya pada kata-kata dia.
Sebab, aku tak rasa aku boleh ubah diri orang. 
Aku hanya seorang gadis biasa yang ada dimana-mana saja.
Nothing particularly special about me.
Plus, aku tak rasa diri aku berubah bila aku kawan dengan dia.

But now I do believe in that.
There is a person out there who have a power to change you into a better person, that nobody else can.
For you to be a better person than before.

It is not only you who changed in the last few months.
I did too.
Like you, I am liking the way I am now.

I really thank Allah for giving me a chance to know someone like you.
For giving me a friend like you.
For making you to cross my life path.
Even if this isnt forever.
(sorry kalau aku pikir negatif.)
Dear Allah,
although I do not deserve this at all,
I want this to stay for a little longer.
Just a little bit longer.
Maybe I might seem to be greedy,
I want this to be mine.
If I may.


なんかちょっと言いたいことは完璧に言えない。我慢してね。Had I lost my aibility to speak myself out?

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