Wednesday, March 10, 2010


On Hachimitsu to kuroba (Honey and Clover)
He suggested the anime and I gave it a try.
36 episodes in 2 days.
Marathon beb Marathon sampai sakit belakang dan ada orang kena layan aku emo emo lepas habis tengok anime ni (bwek! padan muka)
I will skip the synopsis etc as this anime is an old one.
At first, aku ingat cerita komedi, bila tengok yelah, budak kecik
but heck! I was wrong.
Serious beb! I even cried few times.
I love seeing Morita and Hagu chan`s relationship. It is something that you doesnt have to say it by words. Something that you knows it naturally as they kind of attracted to each other. And yes, they do attracted to each other. Maybe thats how things work. You get attracted to the one for you without any reason.
I like Morita for his childishness, his words, his sweet gestures and everything. Hagu for her passion. Nomiya for his willingness to wait for Ayu and for his gentleness.

Recomended r anime ni! Lama sket tapi best!!

After seeing the anime I feel like

  1. Ride a Ferris wheel. A big one.

  2. Go to Hokkaido by Hokutousei

  3. Go to Odaiba

  4. Watch the anime again with the person who introduced me to it

  5. Fall in love
On the `other stuff`
I am taking a big risk in my life
Rather than a `risk`
This is a `chance` 
A `chance` I had always dreamed and wanted
Yet I had been running away from
As I used to be afraid of falling down and to get hurt again
This time,
I am not going to run again
Even if this means I have to hurt others
or I myself will cry in sadness
or to be broken into pieces again and again
But now,
For the moment...
I am happy
and I want this to stay as long as it can...
Forever and ever...
(I know you are reading this kan? Yes, this is about you and about that)

I wont say anything what is this about.
Figure it out yourself as it was already clearly stated somewhere else on the net

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