Thursday, March 11, 2010



- Kemas matome barang. Mana y nak mana y nak buang and mana y nak antar balik mesia
- Kemas bilik.
- Submit borang gakuwari
- Submit ankeito
- Antar pasokon
- Buat visa, sainyuukoku
- Youyaku hotel
- Planning jalan (nak g mana?Osaka?Kyoto?Nara?Kaiyukan?Nara koen?kinkakuji?kiyomizudera?)
- Antar buku buku pinjam
- Abeskan stok makanan
- Diet,kontrol makan
- Tutup account bank
- Tukar alamat
- Antar gakuseisho, SECOM etc etc etc
- Amik seiseki and sotsugyoushoumeisho tuk JPA and untuk Dai.
- Antar barang
- Beli tiket ferry
- Kontrak JPA, medical checkup(!), menda2 JPA ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH
 -Amik gakuwari

> rasa pelik bile jumpa sensei tadi die refer aku as bakal kohai die. maa...kohai dai nandakedo, still kohai jyan. seriously rasa weird.
> I sometime hate the person inside me. The baby me. The one who always wants attention and crys here and there. The one who thinks too much and always does stupid things that later will hurt the other me. The one who is demanding. I hate her.
> I thinks I need to stop dreaming for a while. Take a break and a stop. Do things for myself.
> I need to learn not to think too much. The world isnt revolve around me for sure. I am nobody and still nothing. There is no need to fret and worry on tiny things. Try not to cling to somebody too much. Try to live by myself. Daijoubu. Hitoribocchi demo daijoubu kara. Motomoto hitoribocchi deshou?
> I hate emoing. Arghhhhhh! bayangkan aku abareru kat jalan sambil menjerit2. haha. no lah. I will only sleep all day untill all the things go away.
> I still cant believe that I am graduating from here.
> My mum bought me a kebaya top~ yatta~ I hope I can fit into it or else..... Now, which shoes should I wear then~
> *delete delete delete* I need my lunch now.

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