Sunday, March 14, 2010


New ring I bought yesterday at Minotopia Besshi.
'A' stands for 'Amalina' or 'Aisyah' or even both. And also stands for his initial.
I havent finish kemasing my stuff yet and currently drowning in junks. 5 days to graduation. Phew~
Well, I am better off the keitai and go finish kemas2.
BTW,internet is stil down and I dont know when I am going to be online. I can be reached by either of my softbank number(sms,email,call) or by my celcom's(strictly sms only.roaming costs like hell!).
I am missing twitter so much!

P/S:Its 14/3 today fyi. Am I not going to get anything from you Mr.A? Well on the other thought,maybe I wont get anything. oh well. I get it. I wont say anything.


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ringo said...

wah nak garduate :))